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Are you demon hunting in Shin Megami Tensei V? Here’s how the moon cycles work in SMT V.

Moon phases are a mechanic that impacts several different things in Shin Megami Tensei V. It can impact resawns, conversations with demons, and the recruitment phase. Understanding this mechanic can help you recruit demons easier and earn more macca while you’re farming.

SMT V – Moon Cycles

The icon in the upper left corner of the screen indicates the current moon phase. It oscillates between a New Moon and a Full Moon, each with their own effects.

  • New Moon
  • Full Moon

During a New Moon, Magatsuhi Crystals and demons that were previously defeated will respawn. You can use the new moon mechanic to spawn demons without using macca. Just make sure you’re far enough away from the monster’s spawn location on the map. Talking to demons during the different moon phases also changes the conversation.

Some demons will be more difficult to recruit depending on the moon phase. If you are searching for a specific demon to join your outfit, you should know which moon phase it prefers and talk to it during that phase if possible.

During a Full Moon, the chance of Fusion accidents increases. A fusion accident is when you merge two demons with an expected result, but get something totally different. This is usually a disadvantage, since demon fusing is done to acquire specific traits on demons. You should always save your game before doing fusions during the full moon cycle, just in case.

The moon phase is altered based on how many steps your character takes exploring the world. A phase starts with a new moon, goes through a half moon to a full moon. Once the full moon is reached, it reverses back to a half moon and down to a new moon again.

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