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Sometimes when you get home from school or work, you just want to play a relaxing game with no combat on Nintendo Switch. Check out these recommendations.

Not every game needs combat, am I right? Sometimes even the tedious mine combat of relaxing games like Stardew Valley can be too much. Are there any games that are relaxing to play but don’t feature combat? Sure! Take a look at this handful of recommendations that don’t feature any combat at all.


Wytchwood is an action-adventure game on the Nintendo Switch, where players take on the role of a young witch who sets out to save her village from an ancient curse. The game features an open-world environment, where players can explore forests, caves and other locations, solving puzzles and battling enemies using a variety of magic spells and potions. Players can also collect ingredients to brew potions, and craft new items to aid them on their journey.

Last Campfire

Last Campfire is a puzzle-adventure game developed by Hello Games, the studio behind the popular game No Man’s Sky. In Last Campfire, players take on the role of a lost traveler who stumbles upon a mysterious campfire. The game is set in a beautifully hand-drawn world and features a unique puzzle-solving gameplay. Players must help lost travelers find their way home by solving puzzles and uncovering the secrets of the world.


Carto is a puzzle adventure game developed by Sunhead Games and published by Humble Bundle for the Nintendo Switch. The game follows the story of a young girl named Carto who uses a magical map to manipulate the world around her and solve puzzles.

The game features a charming art style and an engaging storyline, as well as a variety of puzzles that will challenge players of all skill levels. Players can also explore a variety of different environments, from lush forests to snowy mountains, as they progress through the game.


Toem is a black and white game about capturing moments in a world as they happen. It’s a photography game as its core, developed by a Swedish indie game studio called Something We Made. Players set off on an expedition and unravel the mysteries of the island using their photographic skills. Toem is a relaxing, fun time with no combat to focus on, making it perfect as an unwinding game.


Spiritfarer is the ultimate feel-good game for those who love to play god and make their friends’ afterlife a living hell… I mean, a paradise. Build a boat, collect spirits, and make them do your bidding, all while exploring a colorful world that’s equal parts heartwarming and haunting.

Just don’t forget to stock up on sardines and keep your ghost-busting tools handy, because things can get a little spooky on the spiritfarer seas. And remember, death may be the end of life, but it’s just the beginning of your Spiritfarer journey!

Little Gator Game – Best No Combat Switch Game

Little Gator Game on the Nintendo Switch is a wild ride that will have you laughing, crying, and possibly even singing (if you’re into that kind of thing). Take control of a tiny gator and navigate through a variety of obstacles, from treacherous swamps to pesky birds, all while trying to keep your belly full.

Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, BAM! The game throws you a curve ball and you’re back to square one. But don’t worry, with a little bit of determination and a lot of tail-whipping, you’ll be chomping on flies in no time.

The Talos Principle

The Talos Principle on Switch is like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube with your feet – it’s challenging, but oh so satisfying once you finally figure it out. Plus, now you can take this philosophical puzzle game on the go, so you can ponder the meaning of existence while riding the bus or waiting in line at the grocery store. Just don’t be surprised if people start giving you strange looks when you start mumbling about ancient civilizations and simulated worlds.

Heaven’s Vault

Heaven’s Vault is the perfect game for language lovers and archaeology enthusiasts alike. Not only will players get to explore ancient ruins, but they’ll also get to decipher an entirely new language as they uncover the mysteries of the past. Just be prepared to dust off your cryptographer skills, because decoding the inscriptions in this game is no easy feat.

But with a little perseverance, you’ll be reading hieroglyphics like a pro and uncovering secrets that have been buried for centuries. So, if you’re ready for an adventure that will take you to the heavens and beyond, grab your Switch and dive into the world of Heaven’s Vault. There’s no combat in this Switch game to worry about, either.


Ooblets on Switch is the perfect blend of cute and quirky, just like a mini-mushroom wearing a top hat. With its adorable Ooblet creatures and charming farming gameplay, this game will have you hooked faster than a Gloople on a truffle. And with the added portability of the Switch, you can take your Ooblet farming adventures on the go, wherever you may roam.

The Touryst

The Touryst on Switch is a game that will have you feeling like a vacationer in your own living room. With its stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, you’ll forget all about your real-world responsibilities and get lost in the beautiful, tropical world. Whether you’re exploring ancient ruins, lounging on the beach, or solving puzzles, there’s always something new and exciting to discover.

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