how to buy a house in botw

Ready to be a homeowner? Here’s how to buy a house in BotW and the many benefits it brings.

Did you know you can become a homeowner in Breath of the Wild? Running around the world of Hyrule is rewarding, but having a place to store your rare trophies is even better. Link can start the quest to become a homeowner by visiting Hateno Village and doing a couple of side quests there. Here’s how to buy a house in BotW.

Where to Buy a House in BotW

The Hylian Homeowner quest starts in Hateno Village. Near the Myham Agana shrine you’ll find three construction workers near a house. Speak with the construction workers to get their quests. Once you complete them, you’ll have a brand new house.

  • Speak to Bolson behind the house.
  • Have 3,000 rupees and 30 bundles of wood.
buying a house in botw

Don’t have enough rupees to buy the house? There are a couple of great ways you can farm rupees in no time. Sell off any gems, monster parts, or hearty food that you don’t need immediately. You can always kill more monsters and farm more parts to make more. There are plenty of trees around Hateno Village, so you should have no trouble obtaining 30 bundles of wood.

Where to Get Furniture for House in BotW

After you’ve bought the house from Bolson, you’ll need to furnish it. You can buy additional items from Bolson for 100 rupees each. Bolson will sell you a variety of items for a total of 1,400 rupees for a fully furnished house. Here’s what you can buy:

  • Bed x 1
  • Bow Mounts x 3
  • Door x 1
  • Flowers x 1
  • Lighting x 1
  • Shield Mounts x 3
  • Sign x 1
  • Trees x 1
  • Weapon Mounts x 2

What Does Having a House in BotW Do?

botw what does having a house do

Once you’ve got a fully furnished house, Link has a place to rest for free. If you bought all of the mounts Bolson sells, you can store weapons, shields, and bows and display them in your house. Some of the rare weapons in the game make beautiful display items.

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