acnh how to get rid of villagers

Tired of a villager in Animal Crossing? Here’s how to get rid of villagers in ACNH, using a variety of methods.

Sometimes you’re just tired of a villager on your Animal Crossing island. If you’ve gotten their picture and you’re ready to move them out, here are a couple of ways you can get rid of villagers in ACNH. Time travel is the most efficient method, but not everyone is okay with that. If you have no problems with it, skip to the end to see the steps for time travel to remove a villager in ACNH.

ACNH How to Get Rid of Villagers – No Time Travel

Using time travel to get rid of a villager isn’t always an option. If you’re avoiding using time travel on your island, there are a few things you can do to increase the chances of a villager asking to move out. It seems kind of harsh, but not interacting with the villager is the best way to get them out.

  • Tell Isabelle you no longer want the villager around
  • Stop talking to them and interacting with them (even if they run up to you)
  • Ignore any mail received from the villager
  • Swat them with a net to annoy them (mean)
  • Use an amiibo or amiibo cards to bring in a new villager to replace them

Swapping Villagers

trade villagers in boxes

If you can’t stand being mean to your villager to get them to move you, you can swap with someone else. Just because you’re ready to have Marshall move out doesn’t mean he’s not someone else’s favorite villager. A great place to trade villagers with other ACNH players is the Bell Tree Forums. There’s even a special villager trading forum set up for people to seek their ‘dreamies’ – villagers they want on their island.

You can post on the forums about your villager (following the rules) and someone may initiate a trade with you. If you’re trading a popular villager, you may even earn some bells, items, DIY blueprints, or even Nook Miles. Starting with this process and finding a good trade may be easier than convincing a villager to move out by being mean to them. (Getting rid of a villager in ACNH that way usually takes a few weeks.)

ACNH How to Get Rid of Villagers – Time Travel

The most time-efficient way to get rid of villagers in ACNH is through time travel. If you follow a few steps, you reliably get them moved out in just a few hours. You’ll need to identify a time when the villager you want to move out is outside their home.

  1. Time travel forward by one day to see if anyone has a thought bubble. If no, keep time traveling until you find the villager with a thought bubble.
  2. If you find a villager with a thought bubble, but it’s not the villager you want to move out, DO NOT SPEAK WITH THEM. Note the date.
  3. Time travel back to the current date before any time traveling. Then time travel to the date you noted in step two.
  4. Keep time traveling back and forth between the two dates until the villager you want to remove has the thought bubble. Talk to them to initiate the move process.

Note: You can use this process to kick out multiple villagers. If today is June 5 and your villagers have a thought bubble on June 7, you can time travel between those days to initiate multiple moves. This is handy to get to an empty island for island hopping and inviting new villagers to your ACNH island.

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