Animal Crossing final update features

Nintendo has finally detailed all of the content coming in the final free update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Here’s a peek at what to expect.

Animal Crossing fans have waited patiently for a year and a half for new content from Nintendo for their favorite game. Unfortunately, many old favorites like Brewster, shopping, and gyroids were missing from Animal Crossing at launch. Nintendo finally shared its plans for the final free Animal Crossing update in a new Animal Crossing Direct.

Don’t have time to watch the hour-long video detailing what’s coming in the final free Animal Crossing update? Let’s take a lightning quick tour of what to expect when the update is available on November 5.

New & Returning Characters

As you can see in the header, Brewster finally returns to The Roost to serve up hot cups of coffee for you and your friends. The Roost has additional functions in Animal Crossing: New Horizons as highlighted in the Nintendo Direct. The Roost is available 24/7 inside the Museum, with an icon featuring Brewster’s face. More returning characters include:

Kapp’n – Boat Tours

Kapp’n returns to offer players boat tours to new islands from the pier on their ACNH island home. The boat tour includes trips to islands that are different from those available through Dodo Airlines tours. New vines, bushes, and islands with different seasons and times of day are available on Kapp’n tours.

Harvey’s Island – New Shops

Harvey’s Island is getting a whole lot more useful in the new update beyond just the photo studio. A new plaza on the island will provide a second place for characters to set up shops and sell new items. But players will have to help Harv by contributing bells to build more permanent shops for the merchants.

Characters like Saharah, Kicks, Redd, and Leif will open little stalls in the Open Market. But other characters will become vendors for the first time including Reese & Cyrus, Harriet, Katrina, and Tortimer.

Animal Crossing Cooking & Farming

Animal Crossing Cooking

One of the most exciting new additions to Animal Crossing is all of the cooking DIY recipes that are coming. Players can grow and harvest vegetables on their island like wheat, sugarcane, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, and pumpkins to craft fresh new dishes to share with your island visitors.

Some of the recipes shown off during the event include five wheat to make one flour. Two flour, one tomato, and one carrot can make a veggie sandwich. Minestrone soup (pictured above) and mushroom salad were the two other recipes showcased during the Animal Crossing Direct. Becoming a chef in Animal Crossing: New Horizons requires 2,000 Nook Miles.

More Storage, Bridges, & Inclines

The Animal Crossing update will bring with it three more expansions you can buy for your home storage space. That brings the maximum amount of item storage to 5,000 spaces. Plus, there’s a new Storage Shed item to allow you access to your item storage from outdoors – so no more running back to your house for materials.

The update will also bring an increase to the number of bridges and inclines you can have on your island. You will be able to build up to 10 bridges and up to 10 inclines, giving players two more of each type of construction.

Island Ordinances

Ordinances are making their return to the Animal Crossing series after being introduced in New Leaf. The four ordinances shown off in the Animal Crossing Direct include:

  • Beautiful Island
  • Night Owl
  • Early Bird
  • Bell Boom

Gyroids Return

gyroid furniture acnh

The latest update will mark the return of gyroids in the form of gyroid furniture items. Each gyroid plays a unique sound when found and can be customized to match your room’s appearance.

New Villagers

The update is also bringing sixteen new villagers to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Eight of the villagers are completely new to the series, while eight are returning from the original GameCube version of Animal Crossing.

Returning Villagers

Eight of the villagers are from the original version of Animal Crossing, but some of them were only available in the Japanese version of the game. Their name, villager species and color, along with suspected type are listed below. The information comes from the series 5 amiibo cards that are released for this update.

  • Chabwick – Blue Penguin – Lazy
  • Zoe – Blue Anteater – Normal
  • Ace – Blue Bird – Jock
  • Rio – Red Ostrich – Peppy
  • Frett – Yellow Dog – Cranky
  • Azalea – Blue Rhinoceros – Snooty
  • Roswell – Brown Alligator – Lazy
  • Faith – Orange Koala – Normal

Brand New Villagers

The following villagers are new to the series as of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Since the game hasn’t been released yet, it’s unclear of the personality types of these villagers.

  • Sasha – Green Rabbit
  • Ione – Blue Squirrel
  • Tiansheng – Orange Monkey
  • Shino – Cream Deer
  • Marlo – Grey Hamster
  • Petri – White Mouse
  • Cephalobot – Robot Octopus
  • Quinn – Black Eagle

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