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There are several rare amiibo that were released as part of limited collections. Do you have any?

While amiibo are still massively popular for Animal Crossing and Smash Bros., they’ve lost a little bit of their luster. Nintendo first introduced amiibo during the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS era. Some of the rare amiibo on this list are rare due to manufacturing defects. That makes them one of a kind pieces that have sold for thousands of dollars on auction sites like eBay.

There are only a handful of amiibo that are truly rare. Most saw wide re-prints after the release of the Switch. You can also import Japanese versions of the amiibo which are still being printed. That makes them slightly cheaper than buying rare figures from someone already in North America.

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10. Toon Link & Zelda Double Pack – $200

toon link zelda combo pack is a rare amiibo

Neither Toon Link nor the Zelda amiibo are particularly rare by themselves. But the 2-Pack featuring both characters from Wind Waker to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda series received drastically fewer prints. The result is this two pack goes for a premium online for amiibo hunters who haven’t found one yet.

Snagging the dual pack will set you back at least $200 on Amazon. Prices on eBay fluctuate much lower as people may not realize how rare the dual pack is – as long as it’s unopened. An opened dual pack means nothing, since the figures are already attainable separately for much cheaper.

9. Golden Mega Man

how rare is the golden mega man amiibo

This Golden Mega Man amiibo figure was released alongside the Mega Man Legacy Collection for $49.99 at retail. It was quickly snapped up by Mega Man fans and amiibo hunters alike. The result is this golden amiibo goes for a premium online on both Amazon and eBay.

A mint copy of the Mega Man Legacy Collection for Nintendo 3DS retails for around $229 on Amazon. But you can find the amiibo by itself retailing for as low as $120 as long as you don’t mind that it is unboxed. While this golden amiibo makes the rare list, it is not the rarest Mega Man amiibo in existence.

8. Callie and Marie – Squid Sisters

how rare are the callie and marie amiibo

Some amiibo have never been reprinted in North America after their initial run. The Callie and Marie 2-Pack released for Splatoon in 2016 is one of those that only got one run. Now the only way to secure the amiibo is to buy them online on Amazon or eBay, or import them from Japan. Either way, you’re going to be paying a pretty penny for these calamari girls.

You can snag the double pack on Amazon for about $150. You can find cheaper deals on eBay, but the figures will likely not have their original packaging. These double packs are always more valuable if they have not been opened or separated.

7. Navirou

navirou monster hunter stories was never released outside of japan

This cute little figure is Navirou from Monster Hunter Stories. The amiibo was never released outside of Japan, making it extremely rare in the rest of the world. You can find mint edition versions of this amiibo going for anywhere from $300 to $500 on eBay. There is a listing for the Japanese Import version on Amazon, but it is frequently out of stock.

Since there was no official run outside of Japan, you have to import these figures to the rest of the world. Importing from Amazon Japan is relatively easy if you follow online guides for importing items.

6. Mega Yarn Yoshi

mega yarn yoshi amiibo

The Mega Yarn Yoshi amiibo was released in partnership with Toys R’ Us as an exclusive to celebrate the release of Yoshi’s Wooly World. The limited edition nature of the plush amiibo means it went pretty quickly at only $39.99 for its original retail price. You won’t be paying anywhere near that if you’re looking for one online, though.

It’s cheaper to import Japanese versions of the Mega Yarn Yoshi, but not by much. You can find Japanese imports on eBay for around $150. But if you’re determined to have the North American version, you’ll have to pay an eye-watering $450 on Amazon for the privilege of owning this giant wooly beast.

5. Qbby

Qbby box boy amiibo

The Qbby amiibo for the Box Boy series is another oddity that is rare everywhere except Japan. It was only released there, so to obtain one without importing you’ll need to buy from a secondary seller. You can find loose versions of the amiibo for drastically cheaper than the fully boxed version, too.

An unboxed version of Qbby will cost you about $250 on eBay. A version with the box included is available for $400. If you want the convenience of Amazon, you’ll have to pay upwards of $450 for Qbby amiibo – making it one of the more rare amiibo.

4. Golden Mega Man 11

 gold mega man amiibo

This amiibo was never available to the public, with only 10 available. Capcom held a raffle in Japan to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Mega Man. 10 lucky winners were given this Golden Mega Man amiibo in a special pose. Because it was only ever available in Japan, the box itself features Japanese writing.

This amiibo has never been put up for sale on sites like eBay and Amazon, as far as I’m aware. With only ten of them ever handed out, those who won them must know what they have and are holding onto them. Since they’ve never been sold, we can’t assign a value to this one, making it priceless.

3. Monster Hunter Stories Riders

monster hunter stories amiibo gold and silver

These gold and silver Monster Hunter Riders amiibo were given as prizes to contest winners of Capcom’s Monster Hunter tournament. These are the only two amiibo in existence and Capcom spent extra details on them since they were handed out as prizes for the 2018 tournament. The 1st prize winner got the gold amiibo and the 2nd place winner got the silver figure.

Capcom embraced amiibo and handed out several rare figures on this list. Both Mega Man and Monster Hunter are their games, making these collector’s figures priceless.

2. Dual Cannon Samus Aran

dual cannon samus aran

Sometimes you don’t get lucky and win a contest for a rare amiibo. Instead, you get a weird gift from the factory. This dual cannon Samus Aran amiibo is a factory defect that makes the figure itself one-of-a-kind. The person who got the amiibo in 2014 sold it on eBay for a whopping $2,500. Since then, a few more double cannon Samus amiibo have surfaced.

This isn’t the kind of amiibo you can plan to add to your collection, since it’s a factory defect. Unfortunately, the rarest amiibo of all is also a factory defect, too.

1. Legless Princess Peach

legless princess peach amiibo

Legless Peach is another factory defect that surfaced in the original run of the Princess Peach amiibo for Super Smash Bros. The oddity immediately went on eBay, where it was sold for an eye-watering $25,000. That makes legless Princess Peach the most expensive amiibo ever sold, if not the rarest.

Some other oddities that we’ve seen from the factory include a Luigi without a left hand and oddities in the paint. Defects in construction make any amiibo rare, regardless of its original status. That’s why some amiibo hunters look for common defects on store shelves.

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