how to farm macca in smt v

Need lots of macca for demon fusions in Shin Megami Tensei? Here’s a quick guide for how to farm macca in SMT V.

Macca makes the world go round in the world of Shin Megami Tensei. You’ll need fistfuls of it in order to negotiate with demons to join your party, restock your health items, and pay for demon fusions if you don’t want to hunt. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to farm macca in SMT V that aren’t too hard if you know what you’re doing.

You’ll need to grind away to prep for some of the bosses in the game, so why not earn some macca while you’re at it? If you’re struggling to progress in the game, check out these beginners tips & tricks for SMT V to help you in your journey.

Fight Demons

fighting demons to earn money in smt v

The most basic way to earn macca is by successfully fighting demons. This involves knowing their strengths and weaknesses so you can quickly farm them. Fighting normal encounters will earn you some macca, but it’s not the most efficient way to get the good stuff. You’ll build you coffers by fighting and grinding regular demons, but try these other methods once you’re in need of serious cash.

Hunt Relics to Sell

how to sell relics in smt v

Make sure you’re exploring the map to find relics from the past that can be sold to Gustave for varying amounts. These seemingly worthless items can be worth lots of macca when you get back to a leyline and visit the merchant. You can find relics in vending machines throughout Da’at and they respawn often so don’t be afraid to check locations frequently.

Note: The miracle Hand of God allows the player to find more relics at relic locations. Relic hunting trips around the map are necessary, so get this miracle early.

Hunt Mitama Demons

hunt mitama demons in smt v

Sometimes you’ll encounter a monster that looks like a colored tear drop. These demons are called Mitama and they are resistant to every single type of damage except one. Their weakness is chosen at random when you encounter them, so you’ll need the ‘Spyglass‘ item to know their weakness. Killing Mitama demons is one of the most profitable activities in the game as it gives macca, rare items, and experience.

Luck can be a huge factor in hunting down the Mitama, but you can be prepared for when you encounter them. Always have the spyglass item on you so you can find their weakness in one turn. The same colored mitama in an encounter will share a weakness. So if you encounter a battle of two yellow, using a spyglass on them and discovering an Agi weakness will apply to both yellow Mitama.

Talk with Recruited Demons

demon recruiting in shin megami tensei

After you’ve recruited a demon to join your party, they may give you macca or other helpful items. If you already have that type of demon in your party and you talk to another, the demon may also give you helpful items. Talking with demons who are already in your party can be a painless way of farming macca, though it relies more on chance. If you are already farming demons, try talking to them first.

Shakedown Cornered Demons

cornered demons in smt v

You don’t have to be nice to every demon you meet, either. After you buy the miracles Deathly Aura I & II, you can start to corner demons after you kill their companions. In a multi-demon party, kill every demon except the one you want to shakedown.

They may choose to beg for their life, which gives the player a few different options to shake them down. You can choose to demand the demon pay you macca to let them go. Cornering a demon is another chance-based thing, so you may not always succeed. But if you do, always ask for macca and your pockets will be full in no time.

Use Magatsuhi Skill Omagatoki: Luck

Each demon in the game gets a special Magatsuhi skill based on their race. The element race of demons can use the Omagatoki: Luck skill. This skill doubles the amount of experience and money earned from a battle. It’s a great way to boost the profit you earn from a particular fight – especially if you encounter Mitama.

The battle must be won the same turn that Omagatoki: Luck is used, so keep that in mind when you are farming macca.

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