Want to use your Bluetooth headphones with your Switch while undocked? Playing roguelikes and shooters means you need near-synchronous audio performance.

Standard Bluetooth headsets and transmitters just don’t support the right codec. Avoid laggy Nintendo Switch Bluetooth audio and check out our guide below.

Getting Started – What You Need

What is AptX low latency?
AptX is a Bluetooth codec used to transmit audio from the device to the receiver. AptX low-latency is intended for video and gaming that requires near-synchronous audio/video input. This new codec offers end-to-end latency of 32ms, while standard Bluetooth latency can vary wildly.

Switch Bluetooth Headphones Guide

Creative BT-W2 Bluetooth Transmitter

Nintendo Switch bluetooth

This tiny Bluetooth transmitter from Creative is the best solution for Bluetooth audio on Nintendo Switch. It does not require an external power source, nor does it need to be charged. The device draws power from the Nintendo Switch.

USB-A to USB-C adapter

Nintendo Switch Bluetooth

This USB-A to USB-C adapter is the smallest form factor available on Amazon. You can get a two-pack of these for around $10 in a few different colors – mostly to complement MacBook colors. The Space Grey color matches the Switch best.

Bluetooth Headphones

You’ll need a set of Bluetooth headphones that support AptX LL. This low-latency codec solves the problem of audio synchronization issues over Bluetooth. If you’ve ever used a Bluetooth headset and felt there was a delay in the audio feed – you’re probably right.

AptX and AptX LL are two separate codecs. You need to purchase a Switch Bluetooth headset that supports the low-latency version of the codec. It can be hard to research this on Amazon, since the two terms are so close. Make sure any listing you look at includes the phrase ‘low-latency’ in the description.

Here are three Bluetooth headphone options that definitely support AptX LL.

Switch Bluetooth Set-up

  1. Plug the USB-C adapter to the Switch.
  2. Plug the Creative Bluetooth adapter into the USB-C adapter.
  3. Hold the button on the Creative adapter for five seconds.
  4. Notice a blue light is now blinking rapidly. The device is now in pair mode.
  5. Place your Bluetooth headset into pair mode following the manufacturer instructions.
  6. Give both devices a moment to pair. You should now have Nintendo Switch Bluetooth audio.