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Want to know what every amiibo does in The Legend of Zelda: BoTW? Here’s a quick guide.

There are lots of amiibo that are compatible with Breath of the Wild. Some of them feature rare armor sets or entirely new features added to the game. Here’s a peek at the full amiibo functionality for The Legend of Zelda: BoTW.

Amiibo can be scanned once per day and the interface to do so is in the Sheikah Slate. The amiibo rune is not active and listed, you must turn it on in the options menu. You will also need a Joy-Con or a Pro Controller, many third-party controllers don’t support NFC – the amiibo scanning technology.

Note: There is an exploit you can do to take advantage of your amiibo rolls. Save right before you scan the amiibo. If you don’t like the roll, reload the save and scan the amiibo again.

Zelda-Themed Amiibo

Any Zelda-themed amiibo will summon special chests, sometimes with exclusive equipment. They also include a variety of resources like fish, fruit, and other cooking items. You’ll need to have obtained the Paraglider for weapons to begin appearing in the chest. Other items require the main quest to be finished before they will appear.

Champion Amiibo

Each of the Champion amiibos features a rare helmet and weapon that you have a chance of obtaining. These weapons and armor are themed after the champion themselves.

Zora Champion, Mipha – Has a chance to drop the Vah Ruta Divine Helm, Silverscale Spear, Diamond, Hyrule Bass, Staminoka Bass, Chillfin Trout, Sizzlefin Trout, Voltfin Trout, Stealthfin Trout, Mighty Carp, Armored Carp, Mighty Porgy, Armored Porgy, Hearty Bass, and Hearty Salmon.

Rito Champion, Revali – Has a chance to drop the Vah Medoh Divine Helm, Falcon Bow, Diamond, Arrows, Apple, Palm Fruit, Wildberry, Acorn, Chikaloo Tree Nut, Hydromelon, Spicy Pepper, Voltfruit, Fleet-Lotus Seeds, Mighty Bananas, and Hearty Durian.

Goron Champion, Daruk – Has a chance to drop the Vah Rudania Divine Helm, Stone Smasher, Diamond, Rock Salt, Flint, Amber, Opal, Luminous Stone, Sapphire, Ruby, and Topaz.

Gerudo Champion, Urbosa – Has a chance to drop the Vah Naboris Divine Helm, Moonlight Scimitar, Radiant Shield, Diamond, Raw Meat, Raw Prime Meat, and Raw Gourmet Meat.

Each of these exclusive helms can be paired with the Ancient Set Armor. If the Divine Beast Helms are upgraded, they can be used in place of the Ancient Helm while still providing a proficiency bonus when using the Ancient Armor and Ancient Trousers.

Super Smash Bros. – Link and Epona Amiibo

botw amiibo link epona

You can capture and ride Epona in Breath of the Wild as long as you have the Twilight Link Smash Bros. amiibo. You’ll want to scan the amiibo into the game when you’re near a stable, as Epona is a wild horse. The stablehand instantly recognizes Epona and she is registered as such in the stable.

Once she’s registered, you can summon her as often as you like. She’s got incredible stats, maxing out Strength, Speed, and Stamina. She also has a gentle temperament.

How to Get Wolf Link

Wolf Link amiibo

Wolf Link can be spawned into the game by using the Wolf Link amiibo. Once he’s in the game, he’ll follow you around like a wolf pet, hunting animals for their meat. He’ll even help you attack other enemies during combat. Wolf Link doesn’t have much health, but you can enhance it if you have Twilight Princess on Wii U.

Play Twilight Princess until you’ve unlocked 20 heart containers, then journey to the Cave of Shadows. Complete the first six levels without damage and you can save those hearts to the Wolf Link amiibo.

Other Amiibo

Nintendo made sure the amiibo rewards for Breath of the Wild were awesome. But there are some compatible amiibo that don’t grant exclusive rewards. You can still use these amiibos to farm for ingredients. Here’s a short look at what each amiibo does in BoTW.

Botw amiibo functions

Amiibo Alternatives

botw amiibo cards

As you can see if you clicked any of the amiibo links, these tend to be quite expensive to buy new. That’s because Nintendo only makes a limited amount of them. Most of the new amiibo available on Amazon are Japanese Imports that cost anywhere between $25 and $50. If you can’t stomach paying that per amiibo, amiibo cards may be a better option for you.

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