how to find mass outbreaks in pokemon legends arceus

Curious about mass outbreaks in Pokemon Legends: Arceus? Here’s everything you need to know.

One of the new aspects in Pokemon Legends: Arceus are mass outbreaks that can happen. It’s a combination of previous features from the pokemon series, but it’s never been fleshed out like this before. Mass outbreaks change the way you hunt pokemon and can even help you find shinies of your favorites.

What are mass outbreaks of pokemon?

pokemon legends arceus what are mass outbreaks

Mass outbreaks have existed in prior pokemon games, but they work a little bit differently in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. They are random events where one type of pokemon will spawn in large numbers in a specific area on the map. In the screenshot above, you can see there is a mass outbreak of Eevee above the Horseshoe Plains.

During a mass outbreak, you may see groups of pokemon in ten or more. Every time you leave Jubilife Village, you will be notified if there is a mass outbreak going on and which region it is located in. Mass outbreaks will begin happening organically as you play the game. Once a mass outbreak has happened, you don’t need to worry about it disappearing. It will stay on your map as long as you don’t return to Jubilife Village.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is too new to determine statistically when mass outbreaks happen. All we know is that they’re random. Some players speculate that beating the main campaign of the game increases the chances of them happening, but that’s just a rumor at this point.

What are mass outbreaks good for?

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Mass outbreaks are great for catching a lot of pokemon, but shiny hunters should take extra note. These events increase the odds of a shiny appearing, so hunting during them is the best time to find new shiny pokemon. The normal odds of a shiny pokemon appearing are around 1 in 4,000 appearances. But during a mass outbreak, that number drops substantially to just 1 in 158 appearances.

Bonuses from Pokedex research levels can increase your odds of finding a shiny pokemon, too. Since mass outbreaks are so useful for hunting shinies, is there a way to cause them or predict them? Unfortunately the answer is no. Any mass outbreak that happens is chosen at random. Leaving Jubilife Village and returning will reset the random role for a mass outbreak, giving you another shot at it happening.

Which pokemon appear in a mass outbreak?

While mass outbreaks happen at random in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, they do follow some rules. Only pokemon that spawn naturally in an area can have a chance of creating a mass outbreak in that area. That means you have some idea of the pokemon you’ll find based on the mass outbreak region. Not every single species of pokemon in a region can have a mass outbreak, either.

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