how to farm mitama in shin megami tensei v (smt v)

Learn how to farm mitama in SMT V to get extra glory, grimoires, and rare items.

As you encounter demons in the Tokyo underworld, you may run across rare tear-drop shaped demons that seemingly take no damage. These mitama are a special challenge that are like oysters with pearls just waiting to be cracked open and harvested – if you know how.

The Nigi, Saki, Kusi, and Ara mitama all grant different items. The Kusi Mitama is gray and drops Gospel, which gives the player EXP. The Saki Mitama is yellow and drops relics that can be sold for additional macca. The Nigi Mitama is blue and drops Glory crystals, which can be used to buy more miracles. The Ara Mitama is red and drops Grimoire items, which give one demon enough EXP to level up.

How to Farm Mitama in SMT V

farming mitama in smt v

Find treasures littered across the map for the greatest chance of encountering a mitama. There is a small chance when investigating these treasures that will see a random mitama appear. You’ll need to keep lots of Spyglass items on you to inspect their weakness. Mitama are weak to one element that is chosen randomly at the start of the fight. In the image about, this mitama is weak to the fire element.

You can use a demon’s skill or a shard that matches the mitama’s weakness to kill it. If you end up in a spawn with multiple mitama, Spyglass all of them. They may not have the same weakness. Do not use an AoE skill in this case, since it will cause a Block and you will lose two turns. If you do not kill all mitama before the enemy phase begins, they may escape.

Once you destroy the abscess south of Shinagawa, you unlock the Knowledge of Tools miracle. This miracle allows demons in your party to use items, just like the player. You’ll need to have this miracle unlocked before you begin your mitama farming journey to make it easier. Demons can use the Spyglass item to check weaknesses with this miracle.

Do I need the mitama DLC in the eShop?

Players can buy three DLCs that will increase the appearance rate of each kind of mitama for $3 each. These aren’t necessary to enjoy the game, but it does increase the number of loot pinata demons you’ll encounter. The Gospel and Grimoire items are necessary for building powerful demon teams for some of the game’s optional bosses.

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