what are the best horror games on switch

Ready to give yourself a fright with the best horror games on Nintendo Switch? Check out these great games.

Are you in the mood for a game to give you a good scare? Depending on the setting and type of game you want, the Nintendo Switch has a great selection of horror games available. It’s worth mentioning that most of the early Resident Evil games are worth playing if you haven’t already. If you have, check out our list of the best horror games on Nintendo Switch.

Outlast 1 & 2

The Outlast games are great if you want to feel like you’ve found yourself in a terrible situation armed only with a video camera as your only source of light. Without spoiling too much, your character thinks it’s a great idea to explore an abandoned mental asylum at night to find out what spooky rumors about the place are actually true.

Amnesia Collection

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is one of the best indie horror games ever released. It’s a little long in the tooth as it is more than a decade old at this point. However, it captures some of the realest, raw fear you can feel in this style of hide-n-seek horror.

You wake up with no memory of who you are as a character and must find your way out of a castle filled with a creature that wants you dead. Will you survive to find out the truth, or succumb to the castle’s many traps?

Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation is one of the best horror games ever made, period. Nothing captures the feel of hiding from a terrifying monster as well as this game. The Switch port is very well done and worth checking out if you’re craving one of the best horror games made on Switch. The less you know about this one going in the better. If you can only play one horror game on the Switch, make it Alien: Isolation.


Darkwood is a horror game that doesn’t rely on jump scares to create tension and fear for the player. It’s a top-down survival horror game where you’re stuck in the woods with something. How well you survive means managing your resources, exploring the forest, and finding a place to hole up and survive the night.

Corpse Party

If you’re a huge fan of visual novels, then you should make Corpse Party your first destination for horror games on Switch. It’s a unique experience that’s worth checking out for any visual novel fan.


INSIDE deserves a place on this list for the story it tells and how it is revealed to you, the player. Developer Playdead has created another masterpiece that follows in the footsteps of their original horror game, Limbo. You’ll solve puzzles and unravel the mystery of what happened INSIDE.

Dying Light

Dying Light is a great port that recently landed on the Switch. A Middle-Eastern city called Harran is impacted by a virus that turns its inhabitants into zombies. The game explores the concept of living among a zombie infested city and surviving until you can be rescued.

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water is one of the more unique experiences available on Nintendo Switch. The Fatal Frame series pioneered the horror game with a camera to manage the supernatural things that are happening around you. Maiden of Black Water originally released on Wii U, but the game was ported to Nintendo Switch.

Call of Cthulhu

An amazing experience for any Lovecraft fan who wants to experience horror from beyond this realm. This first person puzzler feels similar to the Sherlock Holmes games that were popular from the same publisher, Focus Interactive. You’ll meet characters who will lie to your face to hide their motivations and true intentions – so be careful.


Can you survive in Siberian Russia where the supernatural dominates? Kholat follows a re-creation of the Dyatlov Pass Incident in which a group of trekkers fled from their tent by cutting it open, ill-equipped to survive the harsh winter that awaited them. You return to the site to explore the hiker’s mysterious deaths and learn the true reason they died.

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