Breath of the Wild fairies

Learn the secrets of fairies in our Breath of the Wild fairy guide.

Fairies are one of the most useful items in Breath of the Wild. They’re used in several elixir recipes, but they also bring Link back to life if he dies with one in his inventory. The only problem is that the game limits you to carrying just three fairies in your inventory at a time.

This short guide teaches you how to hold more fairies than the game allows. If you have three fairies in your inventory, then no more will spawn in the world for Link to gather. Let’s get around that pesky limitation.

How to carry more than 3 fairies

  1. Go to a Great Fairy Fountain with three fairies in your inventory.
  2. Hold the fairies in your arms like you’re going to cook.
  3. Wait.
  4. Pretty soon, fairies will start to spawn.

You can collect more fairies than the three the game spawn allows you to have. It also means you can cook up additional fairy elixirs to carry on your journey.

Cooking Fairies in Breath of the Wild

Adding a fairy to a recipe in Breath of the Wild will result in a fairy tonic. Link can cook monster parts, Guardian parts, Gemstones, small animals and other ingredients to create a successful recipe. With the right ingredients, you can create a Fairy Tonic that restores more hearts than a fairy by itself.

Creating a Fairy Tonic with full heart recovery by combining four fairies. To do this, you must use the trick above and cook the Fairy Tonics at the Great Fairy Fountains cooking fires. For those worried about cooking fairies, talking to Beedle reveals you’re just using the Fairy Dust.

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