what's the best way to store switch games

Do you have a large physical game collection on the Nintendo Switch? Wondering what’s the best case to store them all? Here’s a few recommendations.

For physical game collectors, having a compact place to store all of your games is a must. Luckily, there are a handful of great Switch game cases on Amazon that offer plenty of storage for games, microSD cards, and more. Let’s take a look at some of the best offerings for those who want to have their games together at last.

Several Switch game case manufacturers seem to make the same case with different artwork on the front. These cases have a magnetic closure that keeps them sealed while in your bag, protecting your Switch games from damage. They can feature as many as 72 slots for Switch games, too. All of these product links are to Amazon–where we may earn a commission if you purchase something after clicking our link.

Super Mario Switch Game Case

super mario game case for switch

Carry around up to 24 Switch games while on the go with this incredibly cute Mario case for Switch games. The soft silicone inner shell keeps the games protected from shocks, while also featuring cut-outs to store any extra microSD cards you may have. This case for Switch games makes a great gift idea for birthdays, holidays, graduation, or even just because. Mario not your thing? Check out this vendor anyway for plenty of Kirby, Pokemon, and even Splatoon game cases.

Splatoon Switch Game Case

splatoon switch game case

Fans of Splatoon will find a lot to love about this collection of Switch game cases that offers a magnetic closure and storage for up to 24 cards. The design on the front also differs according to the color you buy. The case is available in black, grey, and green. It also comes with a pair of Joy-Con protectors that are shaped like squids. Nifty!

Sheikah Slate Switch Game Case

Fans of the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will find a lot to love about this 3D case meant to resemble the Sheikah Slate that Link has in-game. The outside of it features a 3D pattern that isn’t just a picture printed on plastic. People who already have the Sheikah Slate Switch case may find this makes a good companion to hold their games.

Game & Watch Switch Game Case

game and watch switch game case

Need a Nintendo Switch game case that’s just a little bit bigger than the cases we’ve shown so far? There are a few manufacturers that make double cases so you can hold up to 48 game cartridges in one case. This is a great option for people who have a lot of games and don’t want to have to buy multiple cases. This Game & Watch Switch game case can hold up to 48 games while you’re traveling.

Ultimate Switch Game Case

what is the best Switch game case for storing cartridges

The Ultimate Switch game storage case features slots for up to 72 physical Switch cartridges. Two of these bad babies and you’ll never have to worry about where you’ll put your entire physical Switch collection again. Once again it’s got a magnetic closure and features close-fitting silicone cut-outs to keep your games safe from drops.

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