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These Monster Sanctuary tips and tricks will help you get the most out of the game. Here is what you need to know to become a Keeper Aspirant.

When people ask for games like Pokemon, it’s inevitable that Monster Sanctuary is brought up. It is a monster catching game, but the combat system couldn’t be more different. The game’s tutorials do a pretty good job of explaining how Monster Sanctuary is different – but it’s brief on purpose. Here’s a few Monster Sanctuary tips you may not have picked up on during your gameplay.

Combat Mechanics

monster sanctuary combat tips

In Monster Sanctuary, winning the battle as efficiently as possible is the goal. The combo meter increases with every action taken and moves can have more than one action. In the screenshot above, the highlighted move Claws has two actions. Each of these actions adds a stack to the combo meter.

Example: An attack that does 3 x 150% damage will grant the combo meter three stacks.

Each stack adds 5% damage to the combo meter, meaning attacks from your monsters that go last will be more powerful. It is recommended to use buffing and healing monsters at the front of your rotation, while leaving heavy hitters in the back. Buffs and heals add to the combo counter without benefitting.

Combat Scoring

monster sanctuary how combat scoring works

There are four main categories that affect your final score, which determines the loot you get from your battles. Paying attention to these four categories will help you score rarer loot.

  • Duration | Win a fight in as few turns as possible.
  • Healthiness | Keep your monsters healthy by the end of battle.
  • Buffs/Debuffs | Use lots of buffs and debuffs during fights.
  • Execution | How well you played and countered during the fight.

Keeping these categories in mind will help you win battles more efficiently. But there are some basics you should know about each of these.

Duration | Each move that a monster makes is considered .33 of a turn. If you can finish a turn with just one or two of your monsters making a movie, your score will increase by .33 or .66 of however many turns you took. The fewer actions from monsters to kill the opposing team, the better.

Healthiness | Health at the end of each turn is what matters for this score. Using abilities like Shield will preserve your monster’s health. Don’t be afraid to take hits, but try to heal your monsters before the end of the turn.

Buffs/Debuffs | Applying buffs to your party and debuffs to the enemy monsters increases this score. Damage over time (DOT) abilities are determined by this score.

Execution | This grants points for the first two acting monsters and their combo counter. It rewards the final monster based on how much damage it deals to enemies. It also grants additional points when you exploit a type weakness on the opposing team.

Note: Obtaining a five-star rating requires 10,000 points. A secret sixth-star rating can be obtained with 12,000 points.


The higher score you get, the better loot you can find. Egg drops from monsters only happen on high star ratings. When fighting Champion monsters, you must achieve a five-star rating to see its egg drop. Champion encounters are only awarded once for the entire save file. You can re-challenge champion creatures at the Keeper’s Stronghold.

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