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Don’t miss these Animal Crossing patterns created by other players.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons allows players to create patterns and share them with others. Unfortunately, there’s no way to browse ACNH patterns players have made in the game. 

You can find them posted all over social media, but it’s hard to keep track of them. I’ve curated this list of Animal Crossing patterns to focus on paths that accent the default paths in-game.

These ACNH patterns are designed to go well with the game’s default paths for a gorgeous island. 

Other designs give a unique look and perspective to your island. Check out some of the best Animal Crossing patterns and their creators below.

Plaza Brick Pattern

The default brick pattern in Animal Crossing: New Horizons doesn’t match the brick of the plaza. Reddit user Rascal4988 created a path pattern that closely matches it. 

Animal Crossing patterns – brick

For a path around the Resident Services area that matches the plaza, this is the best pattern. 

Creator Code: MA-0589-2639-0516

Dock Pattern

Every island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a dock somewhere on it. You can catch special fish from the dock, but not much else (yet.) This Animal Crossing pattern matches closely to the dock wood.

Animal Crossing dock pattern

This pattern is made up of six tiles, so you’ll need at least that many free in your Custom Designer.

Creator Code: MA-7032-0735-2208

Default Wood Edge Pattern

This ACNH pattern is for the default wooden deck in the game. It is meant to be placed along the bottom of the pattern to create a deck-like look.

As you can see, it creates a nice landing for when people enter your island. You can use a combination of fences to direct visitors – useful for when you want to sell access to your island.

Creator Code: MA-2983-6772-8811

More Animal Crossing Content

Dirt Path Pattern

The default dirt paths in ACNH don’t really match the triangle grass. This dirt path pattern is transparent, so it can be placed atop any path. It mimics the triangle pattern of the grass for a nice, cohesive look.

Animal Crossing patterns – dirt path

This creator has multiple diagonal tiles to achieve the look above. There is also a farm dirt pattern for making a turnip farm area on your island.

Creator Code: MA-7376-5758-0005

Shipwrecked Path

This Animal Crossing pattern resembles wood taken from a shipwreck to create a path. It is best suited for use on the sandy beaches of your island.

Animal Crossing shipwreck pattern

This pattern uses several different tiles to make it look diverse. There are edges and broken board tiles for a unique, weathered look.

Creator Code: MA-6352-6078-6250

Brick Incline Pattern

This pattern matches the default brick incline that Tom Nook sells. It is a great complement to the incline, blending in well as long as you use each tile. Just be aware you’ll need a lot of tile spaces to store this whole pattern.

Animal Crossing brick pattern

These are a great way to get a cohesive look throughout your town. There are thirteen different tiles and you’ll need each one to make proper turns.

Creator Code: MA-2068-1619-3942

Stone Path Pattern

This stone pattern makes use of clever transparency to create a worn stone path. Players can combine three tiles to create a unique path through their town.

Animal Crossing stone path pattern

If you use the regular stone pathways and stone fences in your town, this path goes well. You’ll need nine total slots to get everything just right.

Creator Code: MA-7404-1196-0223

Red Brick Pattern

This is a great pattern that goes well with the red brick bridge and incline. It doesn’t quite match as closely as some other patterns on this list, but it’s worth considering.

This pattern is great if you don’t want to take up a lot of custom slots with a single pattern.

Creator Code: MA-6163-0310-2584

Stone Path Edging Pattern

The creator of this pattern wanted something that matched well with the default stone path. This is one of the best ACNH path patterns available if you love the default stone path.

Animal Crossing patterns – stone path

Most of this pattern is transparent and just hides the default grass edge. If you dislike that edging and want a more curated path look, this is the ACNH path pattern for you.

Creator Code: MA-0963-9084-6644

White Plank Pattern

This path matches the white plank incline that Tom Nook sells. It’s great to stretch along your island if you use those inclines.

Animal Crossing white plank pattern

Each pattern takes up only two tiles, so this is one of the more simple patterns to make.

Creator Code: MA-5736-3697-9812

Alternate Stone Path

This pattern looks more like bricks that are made of stone than the default pattern. It also features edging, unlike the default Animal Crossing patterns.

Animal Crossing stone path

You’ll need quite a few free custom tiles to use this path if you download it. The pattern has to be applied on top of the default stone path for the best effect.

Creator Code: MA-9115-9170-3990

Cobblestone Path

Looking for a good player-made path to go with the Cobblestone bridge? Look no further than this cobblestone path for ACNH patterns.

Animal Crossing patterns – cobblestone

The path looks great on the grass, or you can mix it with the default stone path.

Creator Code: MA-0446-4970-4238

Brick Bridge Pattern

This pattern closely matches the look of the brick bridge in-game. It makes it possible to have a cohesive look across your entire island.

Animal Crossing patterns

For the best effect, place this pattern over dirt or sand for the border. The bricks match the bridge as closely as possible in this ACNH pattern.

Creator Code: MA-4896-9540-5384

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