La-Mulana Switch tips and tricks

These La-Mulana tips and tricks are designed to help you conquer the dungeon. Don’t fret if you need a little help along the way.

Want the ultimate test of your puzzle-solving skills? La-Mulana 1 and 2 is now available on Nintendo Switch. Slay monsters and solve traps without becoming monster food in both games.

This beginner’s guide is for newcomers to the series who may not be familiar with just how ‘hardcore’ La-Mulana can be. If you’re having trouble getting into the games, try following these five tips and tricks for La-Mulana.

Pay attention to your surroundings.

Rushing through an area will almost certainly result in your death. The game makes hidden trap doors and other nefarious traps quite obvious. Usually, a section of the floor that looks out of place is that way for a reason.

Slow down and inspect your surroundings to avoid falling into early spike traps. Once you find the Holy Chalice in La-Mulana 2, you can fast travel between areas. Fast travel makes it easier to solve puzzles spanning multiple areas later on.

Save frequently across multiple files.

You should have multiple save points in both games. Save as often as you can by visiting Holy Grail tablets that you have already read. The game features fifteen save slots so you can be meticulous.

Read all the tablets and take notes.

Every single tablet and gravestone in the game is relevant in some way. Usually, tablets provide hints for solving puzzles throughout the game. You need to get comfortable scanning the tablets and taking notes to solve puzzles that span multiple rooms. Tablets also have special formatting to help you understand them.

  • Steel Blue for locations and important objects
  • Lime for items and important hints
  • Red for Sub-Bosses and Guardians
  • Cyan for races and important Characters

Don’t forget that you can scan other things aside from tablets, too. Bones of dead explorers, glyphs, and tablets may provide insight into the traps you face. The TexTrax 2 application allows you to record tablets, but it’s recommended you take analog notes.

The best La-Mulana tips and tricks? Use your resources wisely.

As you explore La-Mulana, you will pick up gold and item drops. You should conserve the gold you collect to purchase applications and relics from the merchants you encounter. New software for your PDA gives you new functions, like scanning tablets mentioned above.

You will also need gold to purchase ammo for sub-weapons like the shuriken. Many different weapons come in handy when solving puzzles and fighting bosses. You should always buy any software program you come across – it usually offers a valuable new feature.

Always read your emails.

The people of La-Mulana, especially Xelpud, are very chatty as you explore. They will provide hints and details about the site as you progress. They may even provide key hints for where to go next if you’re lost.

Learn boss attack patterns.

When you encounter your first boss, you may think it impossible to beat. Each boss has a few attack patterns that vary, making them challenging to beat.

Learning these patterns through practice and using the right sub-weapons make bosses significantly easier. Take advantage of boss weaknesses and exploit them to win the fight.

Use external maps to orient yourself.

La-Mulana Switch Map

Finding your way around La-Mulana requires liberal use of the game’s map. The map is divided up into levels that sprawl, so it’s hard to get a big picture. That’s where outside maps come in. Feel free to use these player-made La-Mulana maps to help your quest.

Most external guides will use coordinates to refer to specific rooms in their instructions. Those maps are properly labeled to help you find which room you need to be in for your quest.

These La-Mulana tips and tricks are designed to help you succeed. Just remember to take things slow and don’t hesitate to seek help online if you need it. Very few people who play the game beat it without some sort of reference. Many of the puzzles are esoteric and downright difficult to understand.