Ever since Cadence of Hyrule was first announced, eager fans have been waiting for more information. Now Nintendo has revealed the Cadence of Hyrule release date is June 2019. Recent data-mining suggested the game could arrive on June 20th, suggesting it will be an after E3 arrival.

Along with the release date, we got our first look at the familiar rhythm-based gameplay with its new The Legend of Zelda coat of paint. The footage above showcases several previously unseen items, new enemies, and very Zelda-inspired levels. The video also offers our first look at the UI for the game, which should be familiar to Crypt players.

Dataminers have been attempting to nail down the release date for Cadence of Hyrule for some time. Initial findings suggested the game could arrive as early as May 30, but that data was changed to June 20 just a few days later.

Nintendo has had a habit of offering surprise releases of games after big presentations. Hollow Knight and Nuclear Throne were given this treatment by releasing right after their Nintendo Direct presentations. With E3 coming up, we could see the game as early as June 12 with Nintendo’s E3 presentation. Either way, I can’t wait to get my hands on this one.

Crypt of the Necrodancer is an amazing rhythm game and it’s no surprise that Miyamoto realized that.