bowsers fury map

Complete your playthrough of Bowser’s Fury with this high-res map marking all graffiti locations.

Bowser’s Fury is a fresh addition to the Super Mario 3D World re-release for Nintendo Switch. It’s worth checking out, even if you played the game on Wii U for that reason alone. There are lots of collectibles to find and the gameplay feels very inspired by Super Mario Odyssey.

If you’re the type who loves to collect everything, you’ll no doubt bang your head against the wall trying to find all the graffiti spots. Reddit user ytevian has created a high-res map that marks all graffiti locations in Bowser’s Fury to make it a little bit easier. Check it out below.

bowser's fury map

The map was created by marking points that stay permanent after Bowser Jr. investigates them for the first time. Bowser Jr. can find all kinds of things hidden in the graffiti, so it’s worth it to explore with him as much as you can. Here’s a short guide on how to get Bowser Jr. to work for you.

How to Get Bowser Jr. to Investigate Graffiti

Whenever you see a graffiti to investigate, press R on your controller to send Bowser Jr. off to investigate it. If you’re playing in handheld mode, you can also tap on the graffiti using the touchscreen. Motion controls also work if you are playing on the TV, just press R to confirm.

For players who are in co-op mode, the player controlling Bowser Jr. must investigate the graffiti. There are quite a few of these spots scattered all across Lake Lapcat and this Bowser’s Fury map should make it easier to find them.

Super Mario 3D World Amiibo

Did you know you can use amiibo in the new Bowser’s Fury expansion? There are quite a few Mario amiibo that grant specific powers and abilities. If you haven’t had any luck getting your hands on these exclusive amiibo, there are amiibo card alternatives that are easier to obtain.

Any Amiibo

You can use any amiibo in Bowser’s Fury, even if it’s not exclusive to the Mario franchise. Using an amiibo will spawn a super mushroom into the game. It’s a quick way to get a health power-up when you need it.

Super Mario Amiibo

Any amiibo from the Super Mario Bros. series will spawn a superstar. The power-up grants invincibility for a brief period of time.

Cat Mario

Scanning the Cat Mario amiibo will grant an Invincibility Bell, which is a new item to the Switch version of the game. It grants the players all the benefits of the regular super bell, but also makes them invulnerable to damage. It’s like a guaranteed safe mode for finding cat shrines without worrying about enemies.

Cat Peach

The Cat Peach amiibo offers a random power-up each time it is scanned in the game. Power-ups that are possible to get include the fire flower, boomerang flower, super bell, superstar, 1-up mushroom, and others.

Bowser Jr. Amiibo

Using this amiibo gives a blast of energy around the player. It can be useful for taking out large swarms of enemies at once.

Bowser Amiibo

Using any of the Bowser amiibo grants the ability to summon Fury Bowser at will. Bowser’s Fury has a day and night cycle that affects more than just the time of day. Many collectibles in the game are hidden behind areas only Bowser can break into, so being able to summon him at will is a useful power.

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