what are alphas in pokemon legends

What are alpha pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus? Here’s everything you need to know.

Alpha Pokemon are mini-bosses in the Hisui region of Pokemon Legends: Arceus. They each have their own special rewards for catching them. Alpha Pokemon are easily identifiable by their red eyes and larger size. They are also more hostile and prone to attack trainers, so you should use caution when approaching.

Alpha Pokemon may know moves that aren’t normally learned by that pokemon species during level up. You can catch these pokemon and add them to your team and they will retain their larger size. They also have multiple effort levels.

How to Identify Alpha Pokemon

what alpha and shiny icons look like in pokemon arceus
  • Alpha Pokemon are larger than typical pokemon of their species and have red eyes.
  • They are much higher level than other pokemon in the area.
  • A small red icon next to its name indicates the pokemon is an alpha.
  • Alpha pokemon stay huge even after evolving.
  • Alpha pokemon start with more effort levels than other pokemon.
  • They may also know moves that can usually only be learned through the Move Tutor.
  • Alpha Pokemon respawn after you have caught them.
  • You can be surprised by alphas when shaking trees or mining.

How to Catch Alpha Pokemon

shiny eevee alpha pokemon

Alpha pokemon are harder to capture than their smaller pokemon counterparts. Trainers should have plenty of Great Balls, Ultra Balls, or specialized pokeballs like Heavy Balls on hand for capturing them. Sneaking up on an alpha pokemon gives trainers a better chance of catching the pokemon without initiating a battle sequence.

The higher a trainer’s star rank and the more of your Pokedex you have filled out, the more likely you are to catch alpha pokemon without battling them first. If you do have to initiate a battle sequence against an alpha pokemon, be ready with the following:

  • Have lots of Great Balls, Ultra Balls, and combat assist items like stealth spray and smoke bombs.
  • Make sure you have a status-inflicting move like Hypnosis or Thunder Shock.
  • Crouch in the grass and use stealth spray to approach the alpha pokemon.
  • Use a smoke bomb to create cover if there is no grass available.
  • Lock into the alpha pokemon from behind and throw your best ball. If you can’t catch it, you’ll need to battle the pokemon.
battling an alpha pokemon

Battling and defeating an Alpha Pokemon grants lots of experience and potentially rare items. Whether you manage to capture or defeat an alpha pokemon in battle, it will respawn in the same location after you return to Jubilife Village. There are lots of Alpha Pokemon scattered throughout the Hisui region.

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