A new quality of life patch is coming to Wargroove tomorrow, bringing the much-needed checkpoint system and difficulty overhaul. I recently put the game down due to frustration, so I’m eagerly awaiting this patch to get back into it. In the mean time, if you’re looking for some new Wargroove map codes to try, check out these player creations below.

Some of them have interesting premises or inspirations and shows just how diverse the map creator in the game can be. Plenty of them are inspired from other strategy games like the original Advance Wars series, Age of Empires, and more.

Age of Empires II: Blackforest – GEQA7R76

The creator of this map on reddit describes it as a re-creation of the relic victory condition in the old strategy game, Age of Empires 2. It’s a single player experience that offers some unique gameplay conditions you don’t traditionally find in Wargroove maps.

Each time you move a mage onto a new gold cup square it increases the relic counter by one. Once the counter reaches five you win. You can’t build mages, so if you lose both of them you lose the game (though there might be another hidden somewhere on the map…) Gold generation is also halved to slow down the pace of the game a bit. I also wanted the aspect of getting attacked by wolves as you move through the Blackforest in AoE2. I found it to be a little too brutal though, so I changed some of the wolves so they join your side instead.

lovelavalamp (reddit)

Oasis Ruins – LH5CRDVH

This gorgeous 1v1 map was released by SivHD on reddit. It’s a fun romp for two players interested in duking it out with an interesting landscape. The map is designed to make it challenging by not having maps stretching everywhere and having plenty of water taking up much of the center of the map.

Buddies Besieged – XNPAYNP8

The Buddies Besieged map is a 3-player co-op map experience versus four AI enemies. There’s a short-lived AI ally available at the start of the map. There are a few light-hearted cinematic events in the game paired with triggering events that can grant a small advantage to players.

The ‘story’ of this map is that each of the players plays as one of a trio of insular, allied factions who are suddenly turned upon by four neighboring, surrounding factions. Each of these factions has differing strengths and weaknesses, and one is only a reluctant participant in the war who will likely surrender if the other three are defeated…work together, and seek the aid of some local loyalists, to attain victory … in Buddies Besieged !

Voendomar (Wargroove Custom Maps)

Archipelagos – Y9RNKCS5

This 3-player free-for-all map is a port of a map originally featured in Advance Wars 2. There are a couple major changes to the map to better accommodate how buildings work in Wargroove. Red and green players have more territory in the north to expand compared to blue. Blue player controls the center-left of the map and can easily capitalize on any weakness if other players overextend themselves.

Fable Hills – PXQYLTBA

This is another Advance Wars 2 map port from the same player, but this time for four players. There are significant changes to player bases and the map is slightly larger than the original. The properties in the central Fable Hills valley will be integral to winning the map. The first player to the center of the map gets a small bonus, but it is not game changing against the other three players.

Bridges of War – 2QD5PGY9

The creator of this map says it’s designed to provide advanced positions and multiple paths. Specifically for people who like to outmaneuver their opponents.

Crop River – KHRNEDA5

Another Advance Wars 2 port with changes to how the map works. This is a four-player two versus two map that features expanded naval units and modified bases. The original creator describes it as one of his favorite maps from all the Advance Wars games.

It’s not symmetrical, so competitive players will hate it but I personally don’t really like completely symmetrical maps.

 IIINanuqIII (Wargroove Custom Maps)

As you can see, plenty of the current popular player maps are recreations from the original Advance Wars games. If you want to play entire maps that are re-creations from the first game, check out these Wargroove Advance Wars maps. These Wargroove map codes are all created by players in the community and shared to resources like Wargroove Custom Maps.

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