The tower defense genre feels at home on the Switch, with plenty of great games to choose from. Maximize your path efficiency or check out new genre mash-ups with these ten great games. Check out this quick list of the best Switch tower defense games available on the Nintendo eShop right now.

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10. MACE Tower Defense

MACE Tower Defense Switch

M.A.C.E. Tower Defense is the standard tower defense mobile experience. There are 8 upgrade-able towers that feature two power-ups each. Support towers, special attacks, and path placed items round out the game play.

The game features several unlockable levels, but also an endless waves mode to test your strength. The in-game shop features upgrades and special items you can buy to assist you. Players earn coins by killing boss enemies and unlocking new maps.

9. X-Morph: Defense

X-Morph: Defense

X-Morph: Defense combines a top-down shooter with tower defense levels that you shape yourself. Players assume the role of an alien species that invades Earth to harvest its resources. Protect yourself by terraforming the surface of the earth using alien technology to build mazes and guard against oncoming enemies.

Players also engage enemies directly using an arsenal of alien tech. The X-Morph has four distinct forms that specialize in dealing damage with basic and special charged attacks. Each level features a fully destructible environment that creates new paths as you play.

8. Prime World Defenders

Prime World Defenders Switch

Prime World Defenders is a free-to-play tower defense game available on Nintendo Switch. The game features classic tower defense gameplay merged with a collectible card mechanic. Collect new card towers and upgrade them with any duplicates you gather.

Players have access to towers, spells, and traps to help them complete levels. Freeze, burn, poison, explode, and slash hundreds of enemy types and create your own unique collection. The game does feature micro-transactions, but they are optional until much later in the game.

7. Duke of Defense

Duke of Defense Switch

Duke of Defense is a unique combination of Tower Defense gameplay with light RPG elements. The skill system for your character gives a sense of progression as you defend your kingdom. The pixel art style is easy on the eyes if a bit simple.

The game features eight different towers and blends hack and slash game play with strategy. It is also one of the few tower defense games on Switch to support couch co-op with a friend. The story has plenty of humor, but it\’s pretty light. The soundtrack is also worth mentioning as a huge plus.

6. Dungeon Warfare

Dungeon Warfare Switch

Dungeon Warfare is a unique take on the tower defense genre that takes some inspiration from the Dungeon Keeper series. Players take on the role of a villainous wizard defending his lair from adventurers and heroes alike.

The game features 26 unique traps each with three tiers of upgrades for planning your defense. There are many passive upgrades that help your towers deal with enemies more efficiently. You can even mix your own difficulty with 12 different ‘runes’ that serve as mutations for additional challenges.

The game features an endless mode and enough humor to make it well worth playing. The pixel art is pretty simple, but each enemy is easily distinguishable. 40 hand-crafted levels and the endless mode make for great replayability if you love tower defense games on Switch.

5 Best Switch Tower Defense Games

5. No Heroes Here

No Heroes Here Switch

No Heroes Here takes a very couch co-op friendly approach to the tower defense genre. If you’ve ever wanted to defend a castle from hordes of enemies with your friends, then No Heroes Here is a great option.

One to four players can enjoy the game. It has three regions, 54 levels, and at least nine different challenges to complete. There are over 15 different playable characters that can be recruited as you travel the realm. 12 different enemy types also keep multiple levels from getting stale too quickly.


OTTTD Switch

Over the Top Tower Defense or OTTTD for short combines the tower defense genre with lite RPG elements. Players become the commander of HEROCORP, the fourth largest private military operation in the galaxy.

Choose from one of seven different hero classes to make up your squad of three heroes. Deploy them on the battlefield and watch as they earn XP and level up to gain powerful abilities. There are over 30 active abilities, 40 passive skills, and 30 equippable weapons for your heroes.

12 types of towers help you keep control of the region, with six different firearm upgrades. As the name suggests the game doesn’t take itself seriously, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a fun game to play for Switch tower defense games fans.

3. Defense Grid 2

Defense Grid 2 Switch

Defense Grid 2 is the sequel to one of the most popular tower defense games in the genre. Unfortunately, it’s not quite as good as the first game. Strategic tower placement returns with 21 maps and dynamic level movement that you define.

New upgrades in Defense Grid 2 include multiple space weapons to augment your defense and boost towers for better efficiency. Enhancements to basic tower ammunitions can also help boost your defense. A heat map can help you determine where to focus your fire on each level.

2. Aegis Defenders

Aegis Defenders Switch

Aegis Defenders is a unique combination of side-scrolling platforming and the tower defense genre. Players take on the role of multiple heroes defending themselves against a ruthless Empire where technology reigns supreme.

Explore, build, and defend your territory in this gorgeously crafted game. You can level up your items and weapons to make them more effective. The Fusion Build system lets players build different combinations of items to change their defense setup.

1. PixelJunk Monsters 2

PixelJunk Monsters 2

Evil monsters have invaded the Tiki forest once again. PixelJunk Monsters 2 is a 3D tower defense game that builds on the mechanics introduced in the first game. Protect your chibis from monsters that come in waves to prevent them from kidnapping your villagers.

Team up with up to four friends online to tackle each stage with help from your friends. PixelJunk Monsters 2 is also a great introduction for kids to the tower defense genre. It is not as robust as some of the other games on the list, but it is worth checking out for hardcore fans of the genre.