Last week we announced that Yacht Club Games will be working with MekaSkull to bring his 8-bit ninja action game Cyber Shadow to PC and consoles. That partnership almost didn’t happen, since MekaSkull wasn’t planning on obtaining a publisher for his game.

Destructoid met up with Yacht Club Games at PAX East this past week to discuss the new announcement.

“…(MekaSkull) had no intention of grabbing a publisher, but we just kept trying to coax him into joining our little family, and here he is. …Bringing more notoriety to the game has been cool, but I feel like we’re just letting it show for itself. It was already cool. That’s why we went after it to begin with… and initially, he did say no, but we managed to convince him over time that it was a good idea… working together, we built a trust. You have to allow yourself to be vulnerable, just like Cyber Shadow… You only get three hits, at least for the demo.”

After the Cyber Shadow trailer dropped last week, it invariably drew comparisons to The Messenger. According to PAX East attendees, that’s really not the case. The Messenger is an exploration platform experience. We’ll know more what the game looks and feels like at E3 this year.

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