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Check out these Nintendo Switch games created by Latin American developers.

Celebrating the diverse heritage of indie developers on the Nintendo Switch is a great way to highlight some of the best indie games on the platform. Check out these great games created by developers that hail from Latin American countries like Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and Peru. Each of these games has a unique aspect to it that makes it worth playing.


Mulaka is a game developed by Lienzo, a Mexican team of creators who wanted to celebrate the indigenous culture of the Tarahumara. Players assume the role of a Sukurúame – a Tarahumara shaman – and fight the foulness corrupting the land. The game features environmental puzzles to solve in environments inspired by real Sierra Tarahumara locations. Players will also encounter creatures drawn from the region’s mythology.

Aztech Forgotten Gods

Aztech Forgotten Gods is another game developed by Lienzo that explores an interesting question. What if the great Aztec empire of the Mesoamericas had been able to grow into a modern society? The story takes place in an alternative future where the Aztec empire was never conquered, and grew into a hyper-advanced civilization.

Blue Fire

Blue Fire is an action RPG inspired by games like Dark Souls and The Legend of Zelda series. It was developed by ROBI Studios, an indie game developer based in Argentina. The game has some esoteric lore and a huge world to explore.

Cris Tales

Cris Tales is a Japanese-style RPG from Colombian indie devs Dreams Uncorporated and Syck. The game is a love letter to ’90s style JRPGs with an engaging story, lovable characters, and an over-arching baddie to fight. The game peers into the past, present, and future to tell its tale and is worth checking out for any RPG loving gamer.

Bug Fables

Bug Fables is a game from a Panamanian indie game studio called Moonsprout Games. The game takes inspiration from the Paper Mario games in world design. It was originally developed under the title Paper Bugs before it was changed to Bug Fables. The combat is light action turn-based combat, much like the Paper Mario series. Anyone looking for a light-hearted game for children can’t go wrong here.

Neon City Riders

Neon City Riders is from Mexican indie developer Mecha Studios and was clearly inspired by the River City Ransom series of games. The game is a love letter to the old beat ’em up to progress games that were popular during the hey-day of the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis eras.

Horizon Chase Turbo

Horizon Chase Turbo is from Brazilian indie developer Aquiris and it was created as a love letter to early ’90s arcade race games like Pole Position. It features support for split-screen multiplayer to re-create the feeling of racing against your friends in those early 16-bit racers. The game has received lots of DLC support in the form of new tracks, too.


Tunche is an action beat ’em up with roguelike elements from Peruvian studio Leap Game Studios. It draws a lot of inspiration from games like Binding of Isaac, where completing the level means finishing off the enemies in each room and getting items to become more powerful.


Brazilian developer Studio Pixel Punk created a retro experience that harkens back to the 16-bit days. Players assume the role of Alma, an Automaton on a mission to save her friends in a world that has already ended. It’s got a clever story that unfolds as you progress through the game and is worth it if you like big, splashy boss battles.


Out of all the games on this list of creations from Latin American developers, Dandara is by far my personal favorite. The game was designed from the ground up to be transversed using both gamepad or touch controls. The result is a Metroidvania that feels directionless in nature – Dandara is a force that can go anywhere if you can master the controls.

Dandara, the titular character, was inspired by the heroine who, centuries ago, faced some of the cruellest moments from the Brazilian past and became a symbol in the fight for freedom and dignity. Although the game setting is only loosely connected to reality, her name carries a lot of meaning to the story we tell.

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