Wargroove has been well-received since it launched on Nintendo Switch, but one universal complaint is that the game is hard. The current default difficulty pulls no punches, which could mean restarting a map you’ve played for an hour or more. Now a new Wargroove update will address these issues.

That’s a quick way for some players to lose motivation, so Chucklefish is addressing the problem with some quality of life improvements in an upcoming update. The developers shared some of these improvements during a Twitch livestream, but I’ve recapped them below.

Wargroove QoL Improvements

Checkpoint System

While playing in campaign mode you’ll be able to set a checkpoint in a mission, and then if you’re defeated you can retry from this checkpoint. You can set a checkpoint whenever you want, but you can only have one active at a time. The previous checkpoint will be overwritten if you use the feature more than once in a match.

Difficulty Overhaul

After player feedback the developers are completely overhauling the difficulty system in the game. There will now be five difficulty presets to choose from including:

  • Story
  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard (Current Default)
  • Custom

Hard is the standard game mode and is the only one that will grand S-Rank finishes. Medium is slightly easier and allows players to earn three stars. Easy mode limits players to two stars and story mode limits them to 1 star. Story mode is designed to be extremely easy to complete, with emphasis on the story.

Multiplayer Improvements

Players will be able to add CPU players to online games. The developers are also introducing some fixes for Quick Play timers. Quick Play matches can no longer be suspended, since they’re supposed to be played in real-time.

In addition, the developers will be adding seven new maps designed specifically for co-op play.

General Improvements

  • Effectiveness chart for unit info reworked to be more readable and informative.
  • Skipping battles, captures, and cutscnes is now much faster.
  • S-Rank requirements for missions now shown on the overview screen.
  • Exit renamed to Suspend to avoid confusion when setting up MP games.
  • You can now see teams on the Overview screen.
  • International text input fix deployed.
  • Korean font added to the game.
  • Display controller select screen less often

New Options

  • New movement speed option for units moves faster
  • Confirm end turn option to prevent accidental turn ends
  • Damage range option to display minimum and maximum damage on previews, rather than average damage

Fog of War Changes

  • Allies share vision when playing
  • Eliminated players get team vision and can spectate
  • Spectators can only view the current team’s vision
  • Enemy income and funds are now hidden
  • Spawn effects and building colors are not shown through fog of war
  • Battle and capture animations aren’t shown unless visible
  • Sonar bug fixed that allowed extra info shown through fog of war

My Comments

I love that Chucklefish is listening to player feedback. Wargroove was a day one purchase for me, but it has taken a backseat to other indie games for a few key reasons. I needed a confirm end turn option and a way to start over in the middle of a mission, otherwise I was getting too frustrated to play the game.

The checkpoint system mentioned in the livestream handles that beautifully, with plenty of flexibility to prevent frustration. As soon as these quality of life improvements hit the game, I will be reviewing it for the blog.