After months of Platinum Games teasing a Switch release for The Wonderful 101, its finally happening. Earlier today the niche Japanese company took to Kickstarter to ask fans for funds to take the Wii U game multi-platform.

The game was developed by Hideki Kamiya for Wii U and received a lukewarm reception upon release. Part of that can be attributed to the Wii U consoles lack of sales. But those people who did play it thoroughly enjoyed it.

Now fans are asked to put their money where their mouth is – by crowdfunding a multi-platform effort.

The Wonderful 101’s primary platform will be Nintendo Switch. Other platforms like Steam and PS4 are listed as stretch goals. Unsurprisingly, there is no mention of Microsoft’s Xbox as a potential port. The Wonderful 101 enjoyed its largest sales base in Japan. Xbox sales in Japan have been abysmal for multiple generations now.

What is The Wonderful 101?

The Wonderful 101 is a novel take on the action genre. Players take control of the Wonderful Ones, heroes from all over the world. When Blossom city comes under attack from alien invaders, Wonder-Red, Wonder-Blue, and the rest of the team spring into action.

Physical copies of the remaster are also available to certain backers. There is also a special Backers Only Kickstarter-exclusive cover. Any Kickstarter backers will also receive DLC unlocked via stretch goals for free.

The Kickstarter campaign launched just two days ago and already it has garnered over $1 million dollars in funding. Platinum Games only asked for $50,000 to get the ball rolling. Both Steam and PS4 stretch goals are happening and the campaign continues to generate funds at an astounding pace.

With 28 days left to go, it’s looking like The Wonderful 101 Switch release is finally happening.