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Delivery From the Pain is a post apocalyptic survival horror game about surviving in a zombie-ridden world.

The game takes inspiration from many of the mobile survival zombie games released in the last few years, like ‘Last Day on Earth.’ These games have a fun cycle of time management and looting empty buildings to support a base. Unlike those mobile games that feature pay-to-win PVP elements, Delivery From the Pain is an entirely single player game.

  • Developer: digiPotato
  • Publisher: indienova
  • Price: $12.99 (DekuDeals Price History)
  • Genre: Survival Horror


The player wakes up in a zombie-infested hospital, saved by an unknown NPC. This serves as a small tutorial for learning how to sneak and scavenge for when you’re released into the world on your own. Once you have a base, you’ll quickly need to start doing supply runs to support yourself.

delivery from the pain base switch

Escaping the map involves carefully balancing your loot runs based on the health of your character and your base. You’ll travel on foot in the early parts of the game, limited by how far you can go before night falls. Eventually you can access a vehicle to make traveling further from your base possible during the day.


Delivery From the Pain is a survival horror game about time management. Zombies will attack the player on the over world map from 6pm to 6am, so it’s unsafe to travel during these times. You’ll need to plan your loot runs between 6am to 6pm to avoid taking extra damage from zombies.

The over world map is a collection of unexplored places. First time exploration on this map consumes extra time as your character identifies the point of interest. But once you have the location unlocked you only have to worry about travel time to and from the location.

delivery from the pain

Crafting weapons and managing your health will consume the bulk of your early game. Players will want to sneak up on zombies in locations and use sound to attract them away from hordes. Scavenging a loot prompt briefly is a great way to attract a zombies’ attention to the location while you hide and wait for an attack opportunity.

Zombies will attack your base’s defenses at night in increasingly larger numbers. Upgrading your defenses and setting traps will help keep your base safe from marauding zombies at night. Scavenging wood and iron to build stronger defenses becomes important as you progress.

Graphics & Soundtrack

Switch Issues

I didn’t encounter any technical issues when playing Delivery From the Pain on Switch. The text of documents is easy to read in handheld games and traveling to and from locations loads quickly enough. There’s not a clear distinction between press and hold button prompts in the UI.

The game is obviously translated into English from another language as the sentence structure is a bit odd. Some of the characters are also strange in their requests, as if the translator was having trouble conveying the depth of the character. I enjoyed the gameplay loop, so the bad writing didn’t bother me too much.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

3.5 out of 5 stars


A post apocalyptic zombie survival game with a fun gameplay loop of base building and looting new locations. The translation is a little rough around the edges.

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