when is botw 2 coming out

Finished Breath of the Wild and can’t wait for more? Here’s what we know about when BotW 2 is coming.

Nintendo gave fans a small teaser trailer for Breath of the Wild 2 in 2019 and since then, the company has been mum about BotW 2. That’s likely because the coronavirus pandemic interrupted some of Nintendo’s development plans. There has been some speculation that we’ll see BotW 2 in 2022 – but only Nintendo knows for sure.

In an episode of the IGN Games podcast, Peer Schneider briefly mentioned Nintendo’s plans for Breath of the Wild 2. “It does sound like Nintendo is going to have a pretty good year next year,” Schneider says, quoting sources in the industry. “So, I would not take the absence of big stuff as a sign that maybe Breath of the Wild 2 is delayed or that they don’t have other stuff, because it sounds like the people at Nintendo are very excited about 2022.”

Schneider made those comments in reference to a lack of any info about Breath of the Wild 2 at this year’s The Game Awards. Nintendo has traditionally worked very closely with Geoff Keighley’s awards show to announce new content for fans. While Schneider does make mention of BotW 2 possibly releasing in 2022, not everyone is so optimistic.

VentureBeat games journalist Jeff Grubb says he believes BotW 2 won’t come out until the end of 2022, “if it comes out in 2022 at all,” he tweeted. Nintendo attached 2022 to the end of its E3 trailer for the game, so here’s to hoping we’ll see the game this year.

Is BotW 2 based on the lore of Majora’s Mask?

The E3 2019 trailer for BotW2 appeared to show a darker story in play. Many fans speculated that the story could be related to Majora’s Mask, which has a decidedly more horror appeal. The Legend of Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma has refuted these claims in an interview with IGN.

“The new Breath of the Wild or the sequel to it, it’s not necessarily going to be related to Majora’s Mask or inspired by it, what we showed you currently is a little darker,” Aonuma says. So while Aonuma says it’s not ‘necessarily’ related to Majora’s Mask, there may be some callbacks.

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