Void Terrarium tips and tricks

Void Terrarium is one of the best ‘mystery dungeon’ style roguelikes on Switch. Follow these tips and tricks to get started.

Playing Void Terrarium is a little like playing two games at once. On the one hand, Robbie can die as many times as the player can kill him. Meanwhile, Toriko must be kept alive through the actions of Robbie.

It’s a delicate balance that can be rough to get the hang of when you’re first starting out. These Void Terrarium tips and tricks will help you keep Robbie on the right track.

Treat Toriko and Robbie differently.

Players control Robbie the Robot, who can die many times. Toriko only has one life and is the last surviving human. Robbie’s mission is to keep Toriko healthy by feeding her, finding new items, and caring for her if she falls ill.

It can be tricky to balance the two game modes, especially in the early parts of the game. You should always strive to keep a white-name food item around for Toriko. I’ll explain why further down.

Terrarium Management

Players must constantly be aware of Toriko’s hunger and contamination levels while adventuring in the dungeon. If you’re low on stored food that is uncontaminated, that should be your first priority. You can identify uncontaminated food by its white name.

Void Terrarium tips item list
None of the items in this list are contaminated.

Orange or purple named foods have high contamination levels and will eventually make Toriko sick. You should avoid feeding her contaminated food as much as possible.

If Toriko becomes sick, players must stop their current run to tend to her. Factory AI can help diagnose a variety of illnesses that may afflict Toriko. Medicine can be found in unique stages that disappear once the objective is complete.

Players can also expand 30 EN, or energy, to clean the terrarium while out. It’s worth using if you have lots of battery items and Toriko is in good health.

Void Terrarium Tips – Dungeon

Void Terrarium Switch

Players are tasked with turning the terrarium into a hospitable place for Toriko. That means delving into several different dungeons to find parts needed for those upgrades.

Pressing the + button will reveal which level of the dungeon the part is located on. You should head straight for parts that are buried in deeper levels if Toriko has poor health.

Managing Robbie’s mystery dungeon adventure means keeping an eye on his health and energy levels. Pickups like the Tool Kit and Batteries cand refill those. Other talents like Meat Hunter make replenishing items like Bio Gel drop more frequently from organics.

Occasionally, Robbie will find useful items like the Getaway Gadget and the Snooze Sprayer. You should save these items to help you escape hairy situations.

Grenades can be used more liberally since they do damage and impart a status effect. Grenades are especially useful against groups of enemies since they do AoE splash damage.

Dealing with Monster Houses

Void Terrarium Monster House

Monster House rooms tend to be filled with a variety of monsters and helpful items. The best way to deal with them is to take a step back into the corridor so you can deal with one monster at a time. Monsters that have a purple hue are contaminated. They deal more damage and are harder to kill, but they usually drop a helpful item.

Traps are also littered around Monster House rooms. You should use any trap revealing items you have before exploring the conquered room. Certain monsters are also guaranteed to drop MOD files. These mods change the way Robbie plays both positively and negatively.

For example, the corrode mod does poison damage but increases the amount of damage Robbie takes. You can use mods strategically to gain the upper hand in certain situations. Some mods have no perceivable negative effects. You should always equip these mods for a boosted advantage.

Creating Upgrade Synergies

Void Terrarium tips abilities

Each level Robbie gains brings the choice between two skills. Choosing skills that create good synergy is the key to progressing in deeper levels of the dungeon. Skills like Jack the Ripper grant active bonuses after killing enemies.

Others offer a passive boost to stats like attack, defense, and evade. Keep an eye on which active skills consume EN to use. Many special attacks require a constant supply of EN to use effectively.

A Skill Removal mechanic is introduced by Factory AI shortly into the game. Crafting certain items for the terrarium allows players to remove certain skills from appearing when Robbie levels up.

The mechanic allows players to craft a Robbie that suits their play style. Some even feature certain archetypes, like Medic and Guardian. These mod chips change the frequency that certain skills will appear as upgrade options.

You can also change the skills Robbie starts with, once you find the blueprints to craft those skill chips. In the screenshot above, Robbie starts with the Strike and Bullseye skills.

Contaminated Levels

Sometimes the weather in a dungeon will change, exposing Robbie to more contaminated items and spores. Contamination is one of the resources gathered from items when Robbie dies. You can gather it at higher rates in contaminated levels.

Void Terrarium tips contamination

You can tell a level has high contamination due to the purple tint and finding highly contaminated items and monsters. Try to make the most of these opportunities by returning with a full inventory. Contamination is the resource that grows the slowest as you’re getting started with Void Terrarium.

Hopefully, these Void Terrarium tips and tricks have set you and Robbie on the right path to caring for Toriko. It can be difficult to balance the Pet Nanny and roguelike dungeon gameplay at first. But once you have a few improvements to Robbie and Toriko’s habitat, the game becomes more accessible.

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