Vigor Switch motion controls

Fine-tune the motion controls in Vigor to perfect your headshot technique.

Vigor’s unique combination of realistic gunplay and survival encounters makes it one of the better free-to-play games on Switch. The pulse-pounding escapes you can have in the game are second to none. Vigor is a console-only game, with Bohemia Interactive focusing on the Xbox, PS4, Switch, Xbox Series X, and PlayStation 5 versions of the game.

The Nintendo Switch version of Vigor supports gyro-aiming, with plenty of customization. It can be hard to know what works best if you’ve never used motion controls before. These settings will provide a baseline that you can tweak to your own preference.

Vigor on Switch – Motion Controls

When you first enable motion controls in Vigor, they can be quite jumpy. You should calibrate the controllers and your console to help prevent this. Restart your console after you’ve calibrated your motion controls, then start Vigor. From there, set your motion controls to what you see in the images below.

  • Move Inner Deadzone – 20%
  • Move Outer Deadzone – 85%
  • Move Exponent – 1.40
  • Aim Y Ramp-Up – 1.00
  • Aim X Ramp-Up – 1.00
  • Aim Acceleration Delay – 0.0s
  • Aim Acceleration Time – 0.0s
  • Aim Acceleration Decay – 0.4s
  • Aim Inner Deadzone – 10%
  • Aim Outer Deadzone – 75%
  • Aim Exponent – 1.10
  • Zoom Exponent – 0.70
  • Motion Look Sensitivity – 0
  • Motion Look Sprint Sensitivity – 0
  • Motion Aim 3rd Person Sensitivity – 10
  • Motion Aim 1st Person Sensitivity – 10

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