Developer OneBitBeyond has rolled out a critical update for The Swords of Ditto: Mormo’s Curse on the Switch. The 1.17 update brings plenty of bugfixes and addresses issues players have reported since the game launched. I picked it up at the beginning of this month when it launched, but have held off playing due to issues players have reported.

OneBitBeyond is a tiny indie studio in Brisbane, Australia, with one guy handling the designing and coding of the game. Despite that, the developer has studiously been addressing problems the community has found since the game launched on Switch and PS4.

The Swords of Ditto: Mormo’s Curse 1.17 Patch Notes

  • Fixed a number of minor localisation layout issues
  • Updated to DATs 203 to fix a few level layout issues that have been found
  • Prevented Spinners from digging underground if they are in a trigger area that waits for them to die
  • The Nemesis no longer follows players into dungeons in earlier Eras
  • Fixes to Celestial Token amounts and the status of the Serendipity Shrines when swapping between Game Modes
  • [SWITCH] Fix for saving icon size being incorrect in French
  • Fixed occasional issue with dungeon wall tiling
  • Improved RNG for Chests to be less likely to award large cash, and more likely to award interesting drops
  • Fix for rare crash when sleeping until the last day
  • Fix for crash in Castle Sticker when the enemy it is tracking no longer exists
  • Strengthened the checking for the death of enemies that fall into holes when their health is already depleted
  • Increased bomb damage
  • Prevented the player from regenerating health when Fate’s Ring is equipped
  • Game will recover a player’s save if they had started a new story as a Sword instead of a normal person and they couldn’t leave the room

Unfortunately, this update does not address long load times on the Nintendo Switch. The developer recommends installing the game on the Switch’s internal memory to help reduce load times, which can reach up to one minute. Right now there are no known issues on the Switch version. If you encounter any problems while playing the game, you can report them to the developer here.

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