Tangledeep Switch DLC – Legend of Shara

Impact Gameworks is finally issuing a free update to Tangledeep, bringing two DLC packs to Switch.

The developer says this update includes six months of improvements to the game – including bug fixes and new content. The entirety of the Legend of Shara expansion pack is free for Switch owners. It usually costs $8 on PC.

Legend of Shara – Tangledeep Switch DLC #1

Legend of Shara features a brand-new unlockable story mode and a new playable character. It also features further progression and remixed boss encounters for veterans. Players are encouraged to approach the Tangledeep story from a different angle.

This Tangledeep Switch DLC raises the level cap and adds new monsters and items. A 13th playable job and new dungeon adventures called Wanderer’s Journeys awaits. These unique dungeons offer powerful treasures to aid you on your journey.

Lead developer Andrew Aversa says Legend of Shara is free on Switch to thank the game’s fans.

“As a lifelong Nintendo fan, I’m so grateful to our Switch players for their support of our game. Nearly 50% of all revenue from Tangledeep comes from the Switch version, even though it came out a year after the PC launch,” he said in a statement.

“That’s why it was important to us to give back to the community by making the first expansion completely free for Switch players. We can’t wait to see people enjoying it!”

Andrew Aversa, Lead Developer of Impact Gameworks

Dawn of Dragons – Tangledeep Switch DLC #2

The second Tangledeep Switch DLC launching tomorrow is Dawn of Dragons. This new paid DLC is now available in the Nintendo eShop and brings more content, end-game challenges, and hidden bosses to discover.

  • Discover the Ancient Dragons, super-powerful boss monsters
  • Venture through Dragon Dungeons, themed areas with new gameplay mechanics
  • Obtain Dragon Souls – giving you unique powers
  • Wield a new weapon type – Whips
  • Give old items new purpose with a new crafting NPC
  • Empower your fists with wraps – new handwear allows enchants to fist attacks
  • Battle and capture all-new monsters
  • Enchant equipment with dozens of new magical traits
  • Beautiful new pixel art and music

The DLC is only $5 in the Nintendo Switch eShop. If you’re planning on buying it, consider supporting Ninty Gamer by buying your eShop cards from Raise.