Tangledeep released on the Nintendo Switch last week, but the developers aren’t resting on their laurels. The game is one of the best roguelike experiences for the Switch, but some gamers are experiencing problems. Now a new patch is coming to address those issues.

A corruption issue appears to be affecting save files randomly, rather than after specific actions. The corrupted save files happen after different actions, and the issue doesn’t appear to have a root cause.

The developers are looking into the bug, so don’t delete your corrupted saves just yet. A setting could help restore these saves to their former glory.

Patch 1.01 for Tangledeep will be addressing a lot of these corruption issues. The developers say this update is coming as soon as possible.

Full notes below.

Tangledeep Patch Notes – 1.01

  • Added save file recovery feature in case of data corruption
  • New Game+ can now be accessed
  • Added various protections to avoid crashes at Erin (rumor giver)
  • Added various protections to avoid rare NullRef / game errors in combat
  • Fixed bug where pressing (+) immediately after a map transition would sometimes disable (+)
  • Left Analog Stick (click) now opens and closes the Pet Party UI
  • Deafening Dream Drum should no longer crash the game
  • Pet command tutorial should no longer lock up controls sometimes
  • Gambler should now be able to collect Wild Cards
  • Soulkeeper should now be able to collect Echoes
  • BATTLETEXTRESISTSTATUS string is now properly implemented
  • Fixed text string related to defeating X monsters with an element
  • Fixed incorrectly translated pet command tutorial in Japanese
  • Increased move speed of minimap via Right Analog Stick

I’ve encountered the issue myself with my first save while playing through the game to review it. Using the save and exit option and then opening another game appears to have corrupted the file. It’s a bummer when you’ve got several class skills under your belt so hopefully there will be a way to rescue these corrupted files.

[source: Tangledeep Blog]

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