The Nintendo Switch Lite is now available in stores and on Amazon, but it’s hard to recommend the console to anyone. Now that YouTubers have gotten their hands on the device and performed teardowns, the Lite console uses the same Joy-Cons as the original Nintendo Switch. That’s a problem because Joy-Con controllers drift over time. The flaw has not been fixed with the release of the Lite console.

Alexis Javier uploaded the video above showing Joy-Con drift affecting the Switch Lite. The problem is especially troublesome on the Lite console since it does not feature removable controllers. With the original Switch you could remove the offending Joy-Con and use another while the issue is being repaired. The Lite console has been designed so the controllers are not removable.

In the above video, the right Joy-Con is experiencing a subtle amount of drift. I experienced left Joy-Con drift on my original Switch after around 400 hours of Warframe. The contact cleaner spray fix is a temporary fix, but it does work to fix the issue. I’m back to using my original launch Joy-Con with the system.

Why You Should Avoid The Switch Lite

A teardown of the new console reveals that Nintendo is using the same analog stick construction in the Switch Lite. A thin layer of graphene contact paper makes the analog stick function. If this thin sheet is interrupted by dust or worn down through use, the drifting action comes back.

With the same analog sticks in the Switch Lite, it’s hard to recommend the console at the cheaper price. Switch Joy-Con drift is a real issue that owners will face at some point in owning the console. Nintendo had at least two years to come up with a different design for these analog sticks.

Nintendo didn’t and you can bet you’ll be hearing more about Switch Lite drift in the coming months. If you absolutely want a Switch, the original upgraded Switch model might be best. At least you can replace those Joy-Cons on your own if they experience drift.