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Tour the Hisui region in these Pokemon Legends: Arceus trailers.

Are you excited to tour the Hisui region in Pokemon Legends: Arceus? We already know the game is going to be modeled similarly to Pokemon Snap, where you will be going on research expeditions all across the region. You’re one of the very first documented pokemon trainers, who is working on the very first pokedex.

This is the first time we’ve gotten a look at the ancient Pokemon world, before modern times. The trailers so far have focused on showing off many locations and small slices of gameplay. So here’s what we know about the region based on those trailers.

Extended Gameplay Trailer

This twelve minute trailer gives us an extended look at the gameplay you can expect to encounter in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. In addition to the turn-based pokemon battles, it looks like the trainer will have great control over how pokemon are approached. This video also covers the Strong and Agile styles for pokemon battling that will dominate the game.

Mission structure appears to mimic Monster Hunter, with a hub area with main quests and side quests. It’s unclear if there’s any timed mechanics when out on expeditions as in Monster Hunter or if the player is able to explore freely as they want.

Pokemon Legends Trailers – Hisui Region 360-Degree View

The official Japanese account for The Pokemon Company has uploaded a full 360-degree view of the Hisui region. You can check it out. It’s a short two-minute video that shows all three methods of travel you can use to navigate on your adventures.

What are the Pokemon Legends: Arceus starters?

The starter pokemon for the Pokemon Legends: Arceus game are all pokemon from previous generations of the game. However, they do appear to have unique evolutions for this region. Similar to the Alolan region-specific evolutions, other Pokemon are likely to have different looks too.

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