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Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a huge, open world Pokemon game where you see what you fight.

The world of Pokemon Legends is called the Hisui region, at a point in history before it becomes the Sinnoh region. Players are tasked with building the region’s very first Pokedex by going on research expeditions and catching wild pokemon that can be found within. The gameplay appears to be a blend between Pokemon Sword & Shield and Breath of the Wild – with a dash of Pokemon Snap.

Here’s how Chief Operating Officer of The Pokemon Company, Takato Utsunomiya, describes the game. “Pokemon Legends: Arceus represents a new approach for the Pokemon video game series. Development is in full swing at Game Freak, with the aim to deliver a gaming experience that delivers new ground for the Pokemon series.”

What is Pokemon Legends: Arceus?

The game is the first main entry into the Pokemon series that deviates from the traditional turn-based battle formula. The game appears to take much inspiration from the design of Breath of the Wild, with Pokemon actually visible in the wild. The story takes place in the Sinnoh region (Gen 4), but during a period before previous Pokemon games. The story is described as “a tale from long, long ago.”

Players will create the first Sinnoh Pokedex, at a time when being a pokemon trainer was not something everyone aspired to be. “When the lives of Pokemon and humans were still separate,” the game’s official trailer says.

When is Pokemon Legends: Arceus releasing?

The Pokemon Legends: Arceus release date is confirmed for January 28, 2022. Nintendo has described the open-world nature of the game as more similar to how the mission structure of Monster Hunter games work, rather than fully open world.

“Jubilife Village will serve as the base for surveying missions,” Nintendo told Kotaku. “After receiving an assignment or a request and preparing for their next excursion, players will set out from the village to study one of the various open areas of the Hisui region.After they finish the survey work, players will need to return once more to prepare for their next task.”

When is the combat system like?

Players will still battle and catch wild Pokemon, but the open world structure means players themselves will be moving and dodging. Each excursion involves a preparation phase at the base camp, where you buy items or craft them from your materials. Then you head out to catch pokemon.

Players catch pokemon by sneaking up and throwing an aimed pokeball. Different pokemon react to the player’s presence in different ways. Players can choose between Strong or Agile styles to battle pokemon throughout the Hisui region. Strong style increases the power of moves, but lowers speed. While Agile Style decreases strength, but increases action speed (allowing players to act first).

Who are the Pokemon Legends: Arceus starters?

pokemon legends starters

Game Freak is going a different direction for the starter pokemon in this game. All of the starters in Pokemon Legends: Arceus are from different generations. Cyndaquil hails from Pokemon Gen 2, Oshawott from Gen 5, and Rowlet from Gen 7.

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