nintendo switch sales 2020

The Nintendo Switch has surpassed the lifetime sales of the Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo has revealed its financial data through December 31, 2020, showing just how fast the Switch is flying off of store shelves. The console sold 79.87 million units worldwide. It’s currently Nintendo’s fifth best-selling console, behind the Nintendo DS, Wii, Game Boy, and Game Boy Advance. Nintendo estimates its sell-through rate to customers is around 74 million.

Other details revealed in the filing include how many Switch games have sold since the console released in March 2017. 532.34 Switch games have been sold, putting the Switch just behind the DS and Wii in terms of software sold. Sales outside of Japan accounted for 77.6% of Nintendo’s sales in 2020.

The Nintendo Switch also shipped 24.1 million units in a nine-month period. That’s a rise of 36% compared to the same period in the previous year. It’s also the most successful sales period for the Nintendo Switch to date. The larger Nintendo Switch variant proves to be the most popular console.

Nintendo Switch Sales – 2020

  • Nintendo Switch – 16.7 million units
  • Switch Lite – 7.3 million units

Here’s a peek at a chart that illustrates the lifetime sales of each of Nintendo’s consoles and handhelds. They’re arranged in order of release. As you can see, the Switch still has quite a few sales needed to surpass the original Game Boy and Nintendo DS.

Nintendo’s huge burst in sales can be attributed to the massive demand created by the pandemic. With many families stuck indoors, video games and other indoor activities became a popular focus for many. Animal Crossing: New Horizons saw a huge boost in sales, achieving 34 million in the first year of its availability.

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