more cozy games on switch (garden story)

Have you already played most of the cozy games on Switch? Check out this list of new cozy games coming to Nintendo’s console.

There are plenty of cozy games on the Switch, but if you’ve already played them and you’re looking for something new – we’ve got you covered. Looking for something that feels cozy to play but embraces the wildness of nature and the ‘goblincore’ aesthetic? Check out these goblincore games on Switch.


Spiritfarer is a cozy management game about being the ferrymaster helping deceased animals find their way to the other side. It’s a unique experience that might have you shedding more than a few tears, but it’s worth checking out if you like cozy games that make you feel attached to the characters you encounter.


GRIS is a gorgeous homage to the PlayStation 3 game Journey, where you encounter a world to explore. Go on a journey and find out what happened in this beautiful, water-color adventure with breath-taking views.

Time on Frog Island

Time on Frog Island appears to be another cozy management game similar to Stardew Valley or Cozy Grove. There are plenty of new characters to meet, requests to fulfill, and new crops and resources to farm and find. This game hits the Nintendo Switch on July 2022.

Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk is a great cozy game for people who like to play dating simulators and enjoy character interactions with one another. The dialogue is thoughtful and poignant rather than being filled with teenage angst. It’s the perfect game to capture the feeling of meeting new people in a cozy environment.

Bear & Breakfast

Bear & Breakfast is a light-hearted management game about a bear trying to run a Bed & Breakfast in the woods. The game appears from a top-down perspective and appears to draw some inspiration from Don’t Starve on its management features. Starting out with a single room and expanding the bed and breakfast with a cast of quirky characters at hand seems to be the basic plot.

Coral Island

Another game that feels like it is inspired by Stardew Valley is Coral Island. It’s another farm management game that feels like a small-town simulator with people to meet and requests to fulfill. If you’ve managed your fifth farm and you’re tired of selling void chicken eggs – check out Coral Island on Switch as a great cozy game.

Potion Permit

Potion Permit is a game about helping a small town of people manage their illnesses and sicknesses. You’re a young apothecary trying to prove themself by crafting potions and cures for those who need them. It has the small-town vibe of Stardew Valley that many people cite they’re looking for in their favorite cozy games.


Ooblets is a cute town management game that has been available on PC for a while, but it’s just now making its way to Switch as a great cozy game option. The gorgeous characters you grow called Ooblets are necessary to fulfill requests throughout the town. Meet the adorable characters and more on Switch soon.

Garden Story

Garden Story is an adorable adventure about saving the world, one vegetable at a time. It’s a bit more action-oriented than most cozy games, but the adorable characters and locations help make it an unforgettable way to relax after a hard day at work.

Mineko’s Night Garden

Mineko’s Night Market trailer released for Nintendo Switch more than three years ago. It’s been delayed a few times since the original trailer and the developers have confirmed they are still working on it. It’s a cozy game about granting mystical requests to townsfolk who come to you to solve their problems.

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