is tunic coming to nintendo switch

Is Tunic coming to Nintendo Switch?

There has been a lot of hype and excitement over Tunic, which draws a lot of inspiration from The Legend of Zelda and Dark Souls, with a dash of Fez thrown in for good measure. Developer Andrew Shouldice says he likes players to feel the majesty of an unknown world before they get deep into the game.

“The first time you play Dark Souls, you probably don’t know what poise is,” Shouldice says. “It’s not explained in the game at all, but it’s a major part of a character build in that game. You don’t know all the different routes or good weapons, either. That’s the kind of game knowledge that we want to build.”

“I was recently play-testing the game with a friend of mine and they accidentally took a turn and wandered into a really high-level area. They got knocked around by the monsters and eventually gave up. During the debrief I told them, ‘that could’ve been the first monsters in the game you fought, if you know what you’re doing.’ That’s the kind of game Tunic is.”

The game also has its own language that players are forced to decipher by picking up game manual pages inside the game. The game manual itself is designed to feel like those old inserts that used to come with NES and SNES games, explaining their controls and backstory.

So is Tunic coming to Nintendo Switch?

Yes, but right now it’s a timed-exclusive for Xbox and PC. Shouldice hasn’t revealed how long the timed-exclusivity of Tunic will last, but these deals are usually anywhere from six to eighteen months long. That means Tunic could conceivably come to the Nintendo Switch in 2023. Right now, Tunic is available on GamePass on Xbox and Steam on PC.

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