how to find koroks in botw

Need help finding all the Koroks in the Legend of Zelda: BotW? These tips and tricks will point you in the right direction.

Korok seeds are used to expand Link’s inventory so you can carry a greater number of weapons. High-quality gear tends to be hard to find in Breath of the Wild, so the bonuses provided by finding the Koroks is well worth the pursuit. Each pouch has a set number of upgrades that players can purchase using Korok seeds.

Why should I find all the Korok seeds?

You don’t need to find all the Korok seeds to receive all the upgrades. Here’s a quick breakdown of what you’ll need to obtain all the inventory upgrades.

  • Shield Pouch – 160 Korok Seeds
  • Bow Pouch – 73 Korok Seeds
  • Weapon Pouch – 208 Korok Seeds
  • Total – 441 Korok Seeds for All Storage Upgrades

In total, there are 900 Korok seeds to find in Breath of the Wild, scattered throughout Hyrule. They’re usually hidden behind a simple puzzle that needs to be solved, like putting a rock back into place or placing bowls of fruit at a shrine.

How do I trade my Korok seeds?

You must find Hestu, the Big Forest Kid Korok who is affiliate with the Great Deku Tree. Finding all 900 seeds means Hestu will reward you with a special gift called Hestu’s Gift. It’s a swirl of golden poop that appears to be modeled after a real-life Japanese good luck charm called Kin no unko – which means both golden poo and good luck.

Where do I find the Korok seeds?

Korok seeds are littered throughout Hyrule and are usually found where something appears to be out of place. If you listen very carefully (with headphones on), you can hear the wooden windchime sound that signals a Korok may be close by. There are around 12 different puzzles to solve when finding the 900 hidden Koroks. They include:

  • Sparkling Leaves
  • Moving Sparkling Leaves
  • Under Rocks
  • Offerings
  • Archery Challenges
  • Race
  • Diving
  • Rock Patterns
  • Cube Patterns (Magnesis Trials)
  • Ball & Chain Puzzles
  • Boulder in a Hole
  • Match the Trees

How can I keep track of the Korok seeds I’ve found?

There is no in-game way to track how many Korok seeds you’ve found, which is unfortunate. However, several fans have developed off-site trackers to help you manage your Korok hunt. Sites like Zelda Maps have made it incredibly easy to sign up and mark Koroks as found as you go. From there, you can track which Koroks you’ve found during normal gameplay and those you’ll need to hunt for later.

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