how to farm dragon parts in botw

Ready to upgrade your armor? Here’s how to farm dragon parts in BotW.

There are three dragons in the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild that you can farm for parts once a day. Farmable dragon parts in BotW include horn, fang, scale, or claw. These items can be used to upgrade your armor, or you can increase your cooking power with them. Dragon parts are the best for cooking for duration, since they increase any dish or elixir by 30 minutes.

The three dragons in Breath of the Wild are Farosh, Naydra, and Dinraal. Here’s a quick breakdown of all the pieces you’ll need to upgrade armor sets in the game. Ready to start farming dragon parts? Let’s get started.

Armor SetArmor PieceDragon(s)HornFangScaleClaw
Wild SetHeadFarosh2222
Wild SetBodyNaydra2222
Wild SetLegsDinraal2222
Fierce Diety SetHeadDinraal1111
Fierce Diety SetBodyNaydra1111
Fierce Diety SetLegsFarosh1111
Barbarian SetHeadDinraal1
Barbarian SetBodyFarosh1
Barbarian SetLegsNaydra1
Champion’s TunicBodyALL2
Snow BootsLegsNaydra2

How to Farm Dragon Parts – BotW

To make your dragon farming sessions more efficient, you need to have a couple of things done. They include gathering wood to start a fire, having a way to start a fire, and having a long-range bow at your disposal. Bows that work well include the Golden Bow, Twilight Bow, Ancient Bow, and Phrenic Bow.

Note: There is a Golden Bow next to the Gerudo Tower that can be picked up after each Blood Moon. It has the perfect zoom to help you pinpoint your aim.

Activate the Springs

There are three springs located in Hyrule that will spawn dragons at a predictable interval. They are the Spring of Power, Spring of Wisdom, and the Spring of Courage. Once you have visited these shrines and prayed, the dragons will spawn. The dragons spawn in a predictable pattern and follow the same path, which makes learning how to farm dragon parts in BotW much easier.

Spring of Power

where is the spring of power

Located in the Akkala region, directly to the east of the volcano. Between the North Akkala Valley and the Ordorac Quarry.

Spring of Courage

where is the spring of courage

This spring is located north of the Faron region, between the Popla Foothills and the Dracozu Lake.

Spring of Wisdom

where is the spring of wisdom

Located at the summit of Mount Lanayru. You’ll need to free the Dragon Naydra from the blight Ganon has inflicted before it can be activated. That involves shooting the balls of black and purple on the Dragon until she is clean. Then you can activate the spring like normal.

Fighting Dragons

When you are fighting a dragon, where you shoot the dragon’s body determines what parts you get. If you are farming certain dragon parts in BotW, you’ll want to have very specific aim to get the part you want instead of one you don’t.

  • Head Shot rewards Horn
  • Mouth Shot rewards Fang
  • Body Shot rewards Scale
  • Foot Shot rewards Claw

Once you hit a dragon with your bow, the part you hit will glow for a few seconds and then fall off in a random direction. They track off like star fragments, so if you’ve been tracking those you know what to expect. Dragon parts float in water, so you don’t have to worry about losing them. You can only get one dragon part per in-game day. Use the campfire to fast forward a day and start over.

how to farm dragon parts in botw
A quick look at how a successful part farming run looks.

Each dragon can fire elemental balls that do a lot of damage to Link. Be careful when you’re aiming your shots. There are elemental updrafts all over the areas that the dragons are using to fly. Link can take advantage of them with his glider to line up the perfect shot. You can use resist food and elixirs to give you protection against the dragon’s attack.

Where to Farm Dragon Parts

Since armor needs specific parts from each dragon, you’ll probably want to focus on one at some point. Here’s a guide on how to farm all three dragons in video form. Learning where to farm dragon parts in BotW can be tedious, but if you know what you’re doing and prepare it’s rather easy.

Dinraal Farming

Dinraal spawns near the Eldin Mountain Rage, travels down the North side of the mountain and then West.

Farosh Farming

Farosh spawns at multiple locations within lake Hylia. He will travel across the bridge at least once.

Naydra Farming

Naydra spawns on Mount Lanayru, travels down the West side of the mountain, and right above the East Gate.


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