how to complete the two rings shrine quest in botw

On your journey across Hyrule, you’ll come across a curious structure with Kass playing a song. Here’s how to do the two rings shrine quest.

Completing all the shrines in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sometimes means you need to find them first. The Two Rings quest must be completed before you can reveal the shrine to complete. When you arrive in the right area, you’ll find Kass playing a sad dirge on his accordion. Speak with him to accept the shrine quest.

How to Complete the Two Rings Shrine Quest

The solution for this quest requires quite a bit of physical dexterity. The solution is firing an arrow through two rock arcs without hitting either one. It sounds easy, but the task is a bit hard to figure out if you don’t know where to stand. Lining up the perfect shot will take some practice even if you follow the below video closely. Have plenty of arrows available in your inventory when you set out to do this quest.

When you finally shoot an arrow through both rock arcs, you’ll hear the jingle of success. The Sheem Dagoze shrine will be unveiled and now you’ve got a real puzzle to solve. Need more detailed instructions? Check out this guide on Zelda Dungeon.

How to Solve Sheem Dagoze Shrine

  1. Step on the pressure plates to make the balls roll into their slots.
  2. Paraglide to the area between two ramps and find a treasure chest.
  3. Step on the pressure plate for a platform to return from where you came.
  4. Speak with Sheem Dagoze and then collect your spirit orb.

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