how to create folders on nintendo switch

Nintendo has finally added a folders feature to the Switch. Here’s how to use them, with a few limitations.

The Nintendo 3DS had a robust folders system for gamers to categorize their digital collection. It was a feature that became necessary on a handheld as popular as the Nintendo 3DS. Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch launched in 2017 without a basic way to categorize games. Gamers with more than 13 titles are presented with an ‘All Software’ page that must be scrolled through to find games.

As someone with a lot of Switch games, getting through games I’ve had installed for a while can be a headache. I go through long spurts of time where I don’t play Slay the Spire, but I keep it installed on my Switch for when I do want to play it. Having to scroll through 15 or 20 games to find it isn’t great. Thankfully, Nintendo recognized it is annoying and came up with a solution it calls groups.

Can you create folders on Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo decided to call the feature groups instead of folders on the Switch. You can group games together with a few limitations. Up to 100 groups can be created with a maximum of 200 titles per group. Games can be listed in multiple groups, too. For example you could have a group for Couch Co-Op Games and Indie Games and have Overcooked in both.

Groups are only available on the ‘All Software‘ page once you have more than 12 Switch titles.

How to create folders on Nintendo Switch

  • Make sure your Switch is updated to system version 14.0.0 or higher.
  • Scroll all the way to the right and select ‘All Software.’
  • Press the ‘L Button‘ to view your software by groups.
how to create groups on switch

Don’t worry about choosing the right order when picking software for a group. You can re-arrange how the titles will appear on the group screen before you finalize it. Once you’re ready to create the group, simply name it and you’re ready to go. Unfortunately, groups cannot appear on the Switch home screen for now.

Nintendo has made it so the option to create new groups doesn’t even appear unless you have more than 12 titles on your Switch. If you only have a handful of games, you will never see the option to create groups. That’s unfortunate, since folders were a great way to keep a large digital library organized on the Switch.

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