how to catch the flying gyarados in pokemon legends arceus

Have you seen the Gyarados flying around Pokemon Legends: Arceus? Here’s how to catch it.

As new trainers explore the Hisui region, they’ll undoubtedly come across a Gyarados flying around above them. It’s a powerful pokemon that can really boost your team, especially since you can obtain it quite early in the game. Catching the Gyarados can prove difficult, though. This guide will teach you how to catch the flying Gyarados in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

How to Catch the Flying Gyarados

To make it easier to catch the flying Gyarados, you’ll need to start by obtaining Star Rank 2. Trainers can do this by completing Pokedex entries and earning research points. It shouldn’t take you very long to reach Star Rank 2, and if you already have it; great, you’re ready to begin. This rank gives you the ability to craft Feather Balls, which make catching the Gyarados easier.

How to Craft Feather Balls

To start crafting Feather Balls, trainers need to combine Apricorns and Sky Tumblestones at a workbench. Trainers can farm these crafting materials by shaking trees in the Hisui region and mining blue ore nodes in the Crimson Mirelands and elsewhere. You should have at least 20 feather balls in your inventory before attempting to catch the flying Gyarados.

Where to Find Flying Gyarados

flying Gyarados location

Once you have your feather balls in your inventory, trainers should head to the Heights Camp in the Obsidian Fieldlands. The flying Gyarados paths over this area, but the area highlighted by a red circle above is where you’ll want to be to catch him. To reach this area, scale the cliff to the south to reach the highest platform.

The Gyarados will path through this area, so be ready with your Feather Balls. Try to aim slightly above the Gyarados, as they will bounce off the creature unless they strike the top. You should expect to use numerous feather balls when trying to capture it, as it is quite wily.

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