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What are the satchels you can find in Pokemon Legends: Arceus? Here’s how they work.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus uses satchels to store items. Each satchel has a limited number of slots at the beginning of the game. To start the upgrade process, you’ll need to complete a mission to calm an enraged Kleavor. As you are leaving the Galactic Hall after accepting this mission, an NPC named Bagin will approach.

He’ll ask you if you’d like to learn how to stuff more things into your satchel. Of course, Bagin isn’t working for free here. Each upgrade he can teach you will get significantly more expensive.

how to use satchels in pokemon legends

The first slot costs just 100 pokedollars, while you’ll pay an astounding 1,000,000 pokedollars for the last slot. A satchel in Pokemon Legends: Arceus has a maximum of 38 slots, with 37 additional slots you can buy. Maxing out your satchel will cost 4,199,500 pokedollars.

Lost & Found Satchels in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

The lost and found satchels feature in Pokemon Legends: Arceus is an async multiplayer feature that requires an internet connection. By checking the Lost & Found section, you can see satchels containing items lost by themselves or other trainers in the Hisui region. Any time players takes too much damage and experience a blackout, they will lose items.

finding lost satchels in pokemon

Players can find these items in dropped satchels that can be found anywhere. Connecting to the Lost & Found section will show who has lost a satchel and what those items are. The map on the Arc Phone will also display any nearby satchels if you are hunting for them. Hovering over a satchel on the map screen and pressing the A button will pin the location.

What Happens When You Find a Satchel

Simply running around the Hisui region you will find many satchels. They are often found in areas where difficult pokemon are found, since players black out and drop them. If you do find a lost satchel, you can pick it up to return it to the owner. Likewise, if you’ve lost items while exploring, another adventurer may send them back to you.

Upon returning a satchel, players sometimes get a reward like a pokeball or Exp. Candy. But players are always guaranteed to receive a set amount of Merit Points. Merit Points can be spend on rare and valuable items at Simona’s shop in Jubilife Village. Simona sells items that are used to evolve pokemon, like the Linking Cord and all of the evolution stones.

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