We’ve known Darkwood is coming to the Nintendo Switch for a while now. Crunching Koalas finally revealed a release date in a new trailer. The trailer is filled with accolades that are well-deserved, providing a preview of the horror gameplay. I played this one for a while on PC and enjoyed it with mouse and keyboard controls. However, I think a controller will offer a better experience for tense moments in the game. I’ll be picking this up as soon as it is available, but if you’re curious for more reviews see here.

What is Darkwood?

The game is designed to be played multiple times with its perocedurally generated levels. Darkwood also features very few jump scares to keep players horrified. Instead, the game relies on a slow and insidious build-up of tension as the nights progress. The top-down perspective features a fog of war that works beautifully to hide the horrors of the night. The game is best played with a headset so you can hear everything scratching around in the middle of the night.

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