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CrossCode Tips – Having trouble getting started with the game? Check out this advice for journeying in the CrossWorlds.

CrossCode takes place in the MMORPG world of CrossWorlds, which is a massive place to explore. The developers have crafted some unique mechanics to make exploring the game world easier, but not everything is as upfront as it should be.

These CrossCode tips and tricks should help you survive in the CrossWorlds much easier. Haven’t picked up CrossCode yet? Check out our CrossCode Review for Switch to see if this unique single-player MMO game is something you’d enjoy.

1. Extended Jumps

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Part of the fun of exploring the CrossWorlds is all the nooks and crannies hidden throughout the maps. You’ll need to perform some complex jumps to solve most of the jump puzzles in the game. If you ever run across a chasm jump you think you can’t make – you probably can. You can use a melee swing to extend your jump.

To do an extended jump in CrossCode, hit the melee attack button after a normal jump. After the attack registers, attempt to do a dash and then cancel it by bringing up your shield. This move slightly extends the length of the jump, helping you reach areas you might not be able to reach with a singular jump alone. The move takes practice to master.

2. Sometimes You Should Fly Solo

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You can party up with your friends in the CrossWorlds, sharing XP across the party. It’s great for completing quests, but it reduces the amount of XP Lea earns. If you find yourself unable to beat monsters, try going solo for a while.

Also, each party member reduces total damage by 10% because damage scales based on party members. That means a full party of three does around 30% less damage to monsters than you’d do when solo.

Entering a new zone in the CrossWorlds often means you should level yourself alone for a bit. Kick everyone out of the party and have fun by yourself. You’ll notice that Lea gains XP and does much more damage by herself. Once you’re satisfied with your level, you can re-invite your party members.

Note: Party members do not gain XP when not in use. Remember to keep them around your level so they are useful when you’re ready to tackle a boss. Companions make great tanks, so you want them to be as beefy as possible, rather than under-leveled.

3. Unlimited Dodge

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Dodging helps keep Lea alive in fights while playing the game, but Lea can only dodge three times before a cool down is activated. You can bypass this cool down by quickly bringing your shield up after the third dodge. The split second of guard time resets the dodge counter, giving Lea three more dodges to perform.

Use this strategy to quickly block damage and give yourself a reset dodge away from enemies. It’s a useful technique to master, since later bosses track you with their attacks.

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4. CrossCode Dual Endings

Much like traditional RPGs, CrossCode features two endings. I’m keeping this as vague as possible to avoid spoilers. You can customize Lea’s attacks with circuit paths, but you the player don’t really make any decisions in the game. The only player agency in that regard is which side quests you complete.

Completing side quests in the latter half of the game determines which of the game’s endings you will receive. Players can create two save files before the change to play through both. To get both endings, you’ll need to do all the side quests in one save and ignore those side quest missions that are available before wrapping up the main story.

Both CrossCode endings are significant in the changes they make, so it’s worth having two saves ready to experience both endings.

5. Always Update Equipment

CrossCode tips

Leveling up is a great way to get stronger and unlock new circuits, but your equipment plays a big role in your success. You can find lots of new equipment available through trading with NPCs and other players in the game.

The game’s dedicated fan community has logged a list of every trade in CrossCode at the Wiki, which is a useful resource. (Just be careful of story spoilers!)

You can buy new equipment in a variety of shops you come across in the CrossWorlds, too. You should always inspect a merchant’s offerings to see if they have an equipment upgrade. Credits come fast and easy in the game, so you shouldn’t worry about running out of funds.

6. Hidden Chests and Keys

There are several hidden chests that may or may not require a key to open in the game. Each of the chests holds valuable items and equipment to assist Lea.

They are worth finding and you will need to master the extended jump technique detailed above to find most of them. There are several map layouts that highlight the convoluted paths to hidden chests in this game.

If you want a CrossCode hidden chest walk through guide, click here.

7. Spheromancer Tips

Lea plays the Spheromancer class in CrossWorlds. The class is a jack of all trades class that can be both offensive and defensive.

Melee attacks are often required to defeat some enemies, so it’s best to start with a melee base.

Lea hits enemies in a four-strike pattern, with the third and fourth hits doing the most damage. The fourth and final swing is a 360-degree arc that will hit any enemies surrounding Lea.

Her ranged attacks are mostly for kiting damage and SP gain. While ranged shots do have some knock back, they offer no base stun. Charged shots are optimal to reduce Form Heating.

Shielding arts are also important for Lea’s defensive strategy. A perfect guarding offers a three-second stun on the target and no damage taken. Later, it also adds extra SP to your bar.


CrossCode is an incredibly deep single-player game designed to feel like a real MMO. While most of the side quests are fetch quests, the incredibly deep combat makes the game fun.

The story is amazing and worth experiencing for any RPG fan. Have a question or need help with something in CrossCode? Feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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