The roguelike genre is one of the most popular game genres on the Nintendo Switch right now. We’ve already covered some of the great roguelikes for Switch, but now we’re back for more.

Be sure to take a look at these ten games if you’re looking for good roguelikes to play. Each of them offers something challenging (and addictive) if you love the randomized gameplay loop. Still not satisfied? Stay tuned, because this category is huge on Switch.

10. Blazing Beaks

best Switch roguelikes - Blazing Beaks

Price: $14.99
Genre: Roguelike twin-stick shooter similar to Isaac
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Blazing Beaks draws a lot of its inspiration from Nuclear Throne and Enter the Gungeon. Randomized items that can offer good or bad benefits augment your dungeon runs. Characters change up how the game is played.

One big difference here is that Blazing Beaks offers co-op gameplay that feels more rich than Enter the Gungeon. Each player can select their favorite character with up to ten playable characters to unlock.

Blazing Beaks draws enough inspiration from some of the best Switch roguelikes – Enter the Gungeon, Nuclear Throne, and The Binding of Isaac – that it’s worth checking out for people who like roguelike games on Switch.

9. Chasm

Price: $19.99
Genre: Roguelike dungeon crawler
Disclosure: I backed the Kickstarter for Chasm at $15

Chasm took a while to appear after its initial Kickstarter, but now it’s available on most platforms. Players take on the role of a new recruit working up the ranks to knight. Strange rumors from a mining town start your journey.

There are six procedural-generated areas that are distinct in the caverns below. The game is intended to be a love-letter to classic 16-bit Metroidvania games, with a dash of roguelike thrown in.

The game is a fun romp for a few hours, but its procedural generation sometimes works against it. Every time you descend the dungeon there’s a new layout to master, which makes the whole experience feel ephemeral.

8. Has-Been Heroes

best Switch roguelikes - Has Been Heroes

Price: $19.99
Genre: Roguelike run-building game like Darkest Dungeon

Has Been Heroes draws much of its roguelike inspiration from Darkest Dungeon, but combines that with rhythm game mechanics. You’ll manage a lane of three heroes with abilities that can be changed together for massive screen wipes.

Players choose their path through the dungeon, deciding whether to fight or capture loot. You’ll also encounter items for sale and treasure chests that confer powerful items to you. These items can create synergies that help you absolutely destroy enemies. There are tons of items to unlock, making replayability high with this game.

One down side is that people don’t seem to realize Has Been Heroes is basically a roguelike game with rhythm gameplay. Check out these quick tips for getting started with Has Been Heroes to learn more about how to have successful runs in the game.


GoNNER - roguelikes for Switch

Price: $9.99
Genre: Roguelike platformer

GoNNER is a tough as nails platformer with roguelike influences. Fans of Risk of Rain & Risk of Rain 2 should definitely check out the game. Players assume the role of Ikk, on a journey to cheer up his only friend in the world.

The game recently received an update dubbed ‘Blueberry Edition’ which brought new weapons, heads, enemy types, and challenge. The game borrows some from Isaac, where weapons and heads can be mixed and matched to create synergies.

As you progress through the game (dying a lot), you’ll unlock new passive and active abilities. Daily Challenges, secrets, and leaderboards to top make GoNNER fun to play. The music is just the cherry on top of the icing.

6. Bad North

Bad North - roguelike on Switch

Take on a squad of Saxon lords defending their realm against the Viking incursion. Each level in Bad North is a new island with benefits that must be defended. Should you defend the island with more gold or an extra lord? You’ll have to make hard decisions, as Bad North features a wall-of-death similar to Faster Than Light (FTL).

The developers recently released an update for Bad North dubbed ‘Jotunn Edition.’ This update brings some changes to make managing your squad of lords easier as you progress through the islands. It also presents some new challenges. I had a ton of fun with this one when I played it for our best Viking games on Switch list.

5. Death Road to Canada

Death Road to Canada

Price: $14.99
Genre: Oregon Trail-inspired roguelike

Death Road to Canada is a modern take on the Oregon Trail game formula. Players control a car full of survivors with new faces that can be recruited along the way. Face swarms of slow zombies in a randomly generated adventure with new rare events in every play through.

Death Road to Canada makes players make some tough choices to keep their team alive. It’s also a very family-friendly game, with gore handled well. The game sends swarms of up to 500 zombies at a time, making for satisfying gameplay. It also features four-player local co-op, making it a great party game for Switch.

4. Moonlighter

Price: $24.99
Genre: Shop-keeping Isaac-inspired roguelite

Moonlighter is an interesting mix of two genres with a competent shop manager layer. By day you sell artifacts and items to your customers. By night, you raid dungeons and fight monsters in an ever-changing labyrinth.

Players can piece together the story of the Gates and the dungeon beyond. You’ll need to manage your gold, recruit assistants, and price items to sell in the shop-keeping portion of the game. Be careful though – some NPCs are inclined to steal valuable items if you’re not vigilant.

Fight several bosses and clear rooms in a Binding of Isaac-inspired format. The action-combat requires precise timing to be successful. Moonlighter may also appeal to people who like Stardew Valley for its community feel.

The village of Rynoka is full of helpful villagers with backstories. Each of them can help you increase the value of your items through crafting and enchanting. You may even meet a companion who is willing to follow you into the depths of the ancient Gates.

3. Downwell

Price: $2.99
Genre: Arcade-inspired roguelite platformer

Venture down a well with only your Gunboots for protection. Collect red gems to earn money for the shops that carry helpful items as you venture further down. Each level is teeming with new monsters hiding relics and riches.

Find different weapons and items as you progress through the well. No trip down well feels the same. The gameplay is a a vertical shoot ’em up platformer with rogue-lite elements. Ammo is limited but is replenished with each successful landing, but the gameplay itself is fast-paced and tough to master.

The game encourages risky moves, so don’t get discouraged if you die a lot in the beginning. It’s a game intended to be played in short bursts, since each trip can last between a couple minutes up to fifteen minutes for highly successful runs.

2. Into the Breach

Price: $24.99
Genre: Chess-inspired roguelite from the creators of FTL

Save what you can of humanity by defending cities with giant mechs. Weapons are swappable to build custom defenses as you move between islands. If you’ve ever wanted to play a strategy game that simulates the early days of the movie Pacific Rim, this is your game.

Keep in mind – Into the Breach has a brutal learning curve and features no-frills tactics. You’ll need to be comfortable thinking several moves ahead to enjoy the chess-style gameplay. This is one of the best strategy roguelikes on Switch – don’t pass it up if you like games like Wargroove and Advance Wars.

1. Darkest Dungeon

Price: $24.99
Genre: Dungeon crawling roguelike

While Darkest Dungeon is at the top of our list of best Switch roguelikes – it is not for everyone. If you don’t like playing games that put you in stressful situations, you may not like your experience here.

Darkest Dungeon can be one of the most unforgiving roguelikes for a beginner, so keep that in mind. Learning the synergies between the many classes and how to keep your party in good morale requires experience.

While each run in the game can be a stressful experience for your team, managing them well can be very rewarding. The superb narration and atmosphere of the game keeps individual runs from feeling too same-y.

Looking for a budget game that draws plenty of inspiration from Darkest Dungeon? Be sure to check out Vambrace: Cold Soul on our other list of roguelikes on Switch.

Looking for other roguelikes on Switch?

There are too many games to list under the best Switch roguelikes since the genre is so plentiful. No matter what genre you enjoy, you can find a roguelike game on Switch. Don’t forget to check out Part One of our Best Switch Roguelikes series.