Need some inspiration while shopping for the best gift for the Pokemon fan in your life?

Your favorite person just looooves Pokemon and they already have all the games, cards, and twelve plushies of their favorite ‘mon. Great. What do you get them that they don’t already have? It’s a bit tough, but we’ve highlighted some great gift ideas that your Pokemon fan is sure to love.

Of course, games, cards, and plushies always make great gifts if your intended person doesn’t have them. But for the Pokemon fan that has everything, here are some gift ideas to get you inspired.

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10. Pokedex Switch Game Case

For Pokemon fans who already own every game, having a place to store them is a must. This Pokedex Switch case is a great place to store up to 12 Switch games and microSD cards. The tin itself features magnetic connectors to hold itself together. Inside, there are two silicon inserts that grip Switch games delicately. Each insert also has a space to store a microSD card below.

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9. Pokemon Trainer Carry Bag

No Pokemon Trainer worth their salt would leave home without a bag to manage all of their belongings. This Pokemon Trainer bag looks very similar to the bags featured in the games, with the Pokeball logo printed on the flap. The bag measures 10.2″ x 9.1″ x 2.7″ and has an adjustable shoulder strap to make it comfortable for people of all heights.

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8. Diecast Pokeball Replica

Pokemon fans will love this die-cast pokeball replica with heft to it. It is designed to look like the real thing. This kit comes with the ball and a display stand that features lights that react when the pokeball is placed on it. The stand itself isn’t the greatest quality, but the pokeball replica is second to none.

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7. Pokemon Handbook

It’s every pokemon fan’s dream to have a Pokedex with every mon available. Unfortunately, the games change and add new mons fairly quickly, so print versions of pokedexes get outdated fairly quickly. Scholastic has updated its Ultra Deluxe Pokemon Handbook to include the Galar region, but every Pokemon is in alphabetical order rather than pokedex order.

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6. Pokemon Nanoblocks Series

Nanoblocks are micro-builds that create fun figurines once the build is finished. Nanoblocks has several Pokemon available in their series as standalone builds, or type sets. The price for each Pokemon build set depends on how many nanoblocks are used in its creation. Simple Pokemon like Squirtle are pretty cheap due to the small number of parts, while Rayquaza is more because the figure is larger.

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5. Pokemon Gym Badges

Every Pokemon fan grew up with a favorite generation of the games. And each game has its own collection of gym badges for fans to earn. If you know your Pokemon fans’ favorite region, you can gift them a gym badge collection from that Pokemon region. You can see all the badges above (no Galar region yet). Here are the regions currently available:

4. Giant Snorlax Bean Bag

Snorlax is one of the most iconic Pokemon in the series and who wouldn’t want to curl up and sleep on its big belly? This giant Snorlax plush bag comes ready to fill with your choice of filling. Poly-fill, beans, whatever you want to make this giant Pokemon a reality in your living room or bedroom. It makes a great gift for kid’s playrooms as a gaming chair, too.

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3. Pikachu Hat

Have a Pikachu fan in your life? This knit yellow Pikachu hat with tassels and pokeballs on the end is a perfect look for anyone who wants to show off their favorite ‘mon. The hat is one size fits all and stretchy, with flaps that cover the ears for maximum warmth in the winter.

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2. Metapod Sleeping Bag

This metapod sleeping bag is for hardcore pokemon fans who want some extra comfort in between their office naps. Curl up inside the metapod with padding on the bottom and take a quick nap while you’re working from home. The sleeping bag is designed to make it easy for a quick nap, even indoors.

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1. PokeBall Hoodie

Give your Pokemon fan a gift that will turn heads when they walk down the street. This Pokeball hoodie is unique designed to look like the a Pokeball pixelized. It’s a great combination of red and white that any Pokemon fan is sure to love. Not sure if you want to give a Pokeball hoodie as a gift? Check out some of the other designs, including Pikachu, Squirtle, and Charmander hoodies.

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