Animal Crossing weather

Have you ever wanted to predict your Animal Crossing island’s weather?

A new tool now in alpha may help you do just that, pinpointing rainy seasons and shooting stars. Meteonook is currently in alpha and was created by Ninji, a well-known community data miner.

Ninja accurately predicted the return of Redd, how his art sales work, and when villagers move out. He also deciphered when special villagers visit the island, benefitting many Animal Crossing trackers.

Meteonook can accurately calculate when meteor showers, rainbows, and other weather events will occur.

There are over two billion possible weather seeds in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. MeteoNook goes through every single seed possibility and calculates the weather it would give versus the data you provide. If the calculation doesn’t make sense, it discards the seed as a possibility.

Animal Crossing Weather Possibilities

  • Identifies heavy meteor shower times
  • Can identify light meteor shower times
  • Known star times in a light shower
  • Known date and times for rainbows
  • Fog forecasts and wind power predictions
  • Predict aurora borealis times

Tracking your Animal Crossing weather patterns is extremely useful for planning. Flower breeders can identify when they’ll need to focus on their buds. The only think Meteonook can’t track is Celeste – she’s a random appearance once a week.

This tool is even useful for people who time travel in Animal Crossing. That’s because your weather seed is chosen at island creation – time travel doesn’t affect it.

The only downside to the tool is that it needs a lot of data to find the correct seed. One wrong weather input can throw off the whole process. Meteonook’s creator recommends if you’re not completely sure when inputting weather, to select “not sure.”

Weather Types

Each hour in Animal Crossing has a certain type of weather. It may be Clear, Sunny, Cloudy, Rain Cloud, Rain/Snow, or Heavy Rain/Snow. Identifying which weather you have each hour can begin to narrow down your weather seed.

Animal Crossing weather patterns

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